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Brentwood Set to Host Vineyards at Marsh Creek Amphitheater Meeting

by ECT

The City of Brentwood will be hosting a virtual public workshop on Thursday, October 21 at 6:00 pm to provide information on the Vineyards at Marsh Creek Amphitheater Project.

The Vineyards at Marsh Creek is a 750-1,000 seat amphitheater that may include amenities such as a wedding venue, sculpture garden, and promenade. The project is located on a 31-acre site west of Vineyards Parkways between Reserve Place and Miwok Trail.

The Consultant DLR Group will be providing details on the design and program concepts for the project and taking input from residents on the overall project.

The Brentwood City Council discussed the project at its August 13, 2019 City Council meeting (see staff report). The project first began back in Aug. 2004 under the Environmental Impact Report the Development Agreement, the General Plan Amendment and the Rezone for the Vineyards at Marsh Creek project. Over the years, several other actions have taken.

In May of 2018, the city agreed to a feasibility study on the amphitheater.

The total cost of the project is estimated as of 2019 at $7.7 million with $3.5 million being contributed by the developer.  The other funding source is a portion of the development impact fees which as of last year was estimated at $3.8 million.

Meeting Details:

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