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Brentwood School District Honors Alicia Morales Ramirez

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The Brentwood Union School District Board of Education voted unanimously on October 21, 2020 to dedicate the Brentwood Elementary Multi-Purpose Room to longtime employee and volunteer Alicia Morales Ramirez.

Mrs. Ramirez worked in the Brentwood Union School District for a quarter of a century as one of our first bilingual aides. In reality, Mrs. Ramirez worked tirelessly on behalf of our students for decades before and after her formal employment time. She worked with families to get students in school and supported their educational success by connecting parents and educators. She was one of the first voices in our community to participate in advisory committees to partner with the district on how we could better serve our students who were learning English. In retirement, she ensured many of our neediest children had food, clothing, learning tools and health care through her tireless involvement in a number of local charities and organizations.

After Mrs. Ramirez passed in June of 2019, the Board put together a committee to look at honoring her. The committee was made up of School Board President Carlos Sanabria, Board Member Emil Geddes, Lill Pierce, Ike Montanez, City Council Member Johnny Rodriguez, Doreen Forlow and Superintendent Dana Eaton. That committee made the recommendation to the Board of Education.

Board President Carlos Sanabria shared how impactful Mrs. Ramirez was working with families, including his own, to ensure children were in school everyday. “Alicia Ramirez’s voluntary efforts to make everyone in need, aware of and how to use the public resources, were exemplary.“

Board Member Emil Geddes shared a story about when he has a teacher in the district and Mrs. Ramirez was supporting him working with families that spoke Spanish.

“She would relate that families would tell her Professor was coming or came to OUR CASA. She would always say, ‘You do good. This is so special. You honor these families. They will never forget you.’ I told her there was always specially prepared food. She would say as she would often grab my arm and sometimes with tears, shake her head, ‘Eat with them, you have created trust. Thank you.’”

Superintendent Dana Eaton shared, “Brentwood Elementary is an exceptional school with a remarkable number of talented and dedicated adults who go above and beyond in their dedication to serving children. The last time I saw Alicia, she was in her 90’s, sitting at a cafeteria table in the multi-purpose room, translating for families trying to get help at a Brentwood Regional Community Chest food distribution. We are honored to have her name prominently displayed on a school that we are so proud of.”

Due to the global pandemic, a ceremony honoring Mrs. Ramirez will likely take place next school year.

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