Brentwood Rotarian Cyclists Shatter Fundraising Goal for Veterans


Brentwood Rotary Cyclist

The Brentwood Rotary Club raised $13,350 for the Pathway Home, a comprehensive treatment facility in Yountville for military personnel who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Last week, the Brentwood Rotary participated in a charity fundraising bike ride to raise money for veterans who are impacted by Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and other post-combat mental health challenges.

The Brentwood Rotary cyclists received contributions for Pathway House from Rotary members, church groups, spinners from a local gym, and a 6th grade class at Edna Hill Elementary School in addition to friends, family and neighbors.

“I am really proud of the Rotary and the Brentwood community for their support of Pathway House,”said Roger Strauss of the Brentwood Rotary. “The money raised by the Rotary Club will help fund treatment programs for veterans who have served our country. Every day, 22 veterans take their lives because of the demons of Post-Traumatic Stress.  The Rotary is proud to help provide funding so our veterans can receive mental health counseling and treatment to live a better life.”

This is the fifth year that the Brentwood Rotary Club has been the top donating Rotary club to the Pathway House.

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Pictured:  L-R Fran Bowman, Mike Crosby, Jennifer Fink,  John Fink, Trudie Winters, Roger Strauss & Karen Strauss. 

Information provided by Brentwood Rotary