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Brentwood Residents Cut Water Use by 43 Percent in June

by ECT

According to Brentwood City Manager Gus Vina’s Weekly Report, he shared that Brentwood residents are doing more with less and have cut water consumption by 43%.

He says since the City declared a drought emergency on May 26, Brentwood has united to conserve potable water to meet the States mandate. In the month of June 2015, the residential potable water use was down by 43% compared to June 2013.

Mayor Bob Taylor shared the news Saturday during the Harvest Time Festival,

“Your water consumption is right around 44%, you are right in the range and we appreciate that,” said Taylor. “There is a drought and Brentwood as usual is compliant and doing really well.”

Brentwood offers two ways for its residents to comply to comply:

  1. Percentage – reduce monthly potable water usage by 35% from 2013 (compared by month) or
  2. Citywide Average – stay within the following Citywide monthly average
    • Residential – May-Oct = 11,000 gallons or less; and Nov – April = 5,000 gallons
    • Commercial – May – Oct = 32,000 gallons or less; and Nov – April = 24,000 gallons

 Rebates and Penalties (Residential & Commercial Customers)

Rebates and Penalties (Residential & Commercial Customers) Based on your water usage as compared with the same month in 2013, you may either qualify for a rebate or receive a penalty as shown in the table below. Your July utility bill will reflect any applicable rebate or penalty

Brentwood-Reduced-WaterNOTE: Penalties will NOT apply to customers that stay with in the City-wide averages above.

Penalty Appeal Information

The City implemented an appeal process for customers that would like their penalty reviewed.

For details and information about the appeal process, visit the City’s website at www.brentwoodca.gov/savewater and click Water Penalty Appeal Information. Customers may complete and submit an Appeal Form in one of the following three ways:

  1. online
  2. via e-mail to: [email protected]
  3. by mail or hand-delivery to: City of Brentwood Public Works, Attn: Water Penalty Appeal, 150 City Park Way, Brentwood, CA 94513.

Free Water Use Evaluations and Water Saving Devices
The City offers a free water use evaluation that includes:

  • a demonstration on how to read your water meter and check for leaks
  • reading and calculating current water use
  • checking all water-using fixtures for leaks and efficiency reviewing your sprinkler timer and making watering suggestions

Customers must be home during the evaluation, which takes approximately 30 minutes. The City also offers free water saving devices such as low flow showerheads; available while supplies last in the Payment Center at City Hall, 150 City Park Way. For more information or to schedule an appointment: call (925) 516-5373 or email [email protected] .

For the full City Manager Report, click here.

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