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Brentwood Redistricting Commission Members Announced

by ECT

BRENTWOOD, CA – Every 10 years, following the release of new U.S. Census population data, the boundaries of the four Brentwood City Council election districts must be updated.

This year, the City Council authorized the creation of a Redistricting Commission, made up of community volunteers selected by an impartial retired judge, to recommend two or more sets of new district boundary maps to the City Council. The City Council must then choose, without modifying, one of the recommended maps.

The City Council decided on a Redistricting Commission to both engage the community and to promote impartiality in the redistricting process. The outcome of the redistricting process could affect who runs for City Council and who is elected during the next ten years.

Judge Thelton Henderson was chosen to review the applications and select members and alternate members to serve on the Brentwood Redistricting Commission. The city announced the following members and alternates selected by Judge Henderson:

  • District 1: Jonathan Wilson (alternate Kerri Fritsch)
  • District 2: Daphne Muse (alternate Michael Luker)
  • District 3: Jennifer Anderson (alternate Albert Del Grande)
  •  District 4: Sandra Myers (alternate Larry Becker)
  • At Large: Shannon Roberts

The Brentwood Redistricting Commission will meet via Zoom on Thursday, September 9, 2021, at 6pm. Zoom information will be shared soon. The meeting will be introductory and organizational in nature, covering the following topics: swearing into office; the selection of a Chair and Vice Chair; an overview of the Commission and its duties; an overview of State ethics’ laws, including those pertaining to open meetings, conflicts of interest, and public records; and a review of next steps/meeting schedule, with meetings planned through February 2022.

To sign up for informational emails, learn about the Commission and the redistricting process; future agendas; draft maps; and view the meeting schedule, visit: https://www.brentwoodca.gov/redistricting

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