Updated: Brentwood Police Vehicle Struck During Pursuit After Theft at Streets of Brentwood


The Brentwood Police Department confirmed that four people were in custody around 1:00 pm Monday after a theft at a local store resulted in a pursuit into the City of Oakley.

The suspects fled in a vehicle out of the Streets of Brentwood at Ulta around 11:45 am.

According to Lt. Walter O’Grodnick, as the call was being dispatched, the suspects collided with one of their patrol cars as they were fleeing the area.  The officer was not injured and initiated a short pursuit until the suspects dumped the car in a field near the railroad tracks by JC Penny’s.

Brentowod Police were joined by both Antioch and Oakley Police Departments for the search of the three females including a yard to yard search in the Freesia Drive and Geranium Drive neighborhoods where one female was taken into custody.

A short time later, the two other females were taken into custody in an open field. At least one female required medical attention for a head injury.

O’Grodnick added that a fourth subject arrived to pick up the 3 suspects in hiding and he was arrested too.

Police are still actively investigating the incident.

UPDATE per Brentwood PD:

On February 10, 2020 at 1145 hours, officers were dispatched to Ulta Beauty Supply (in the Streets of Brentwood Shopping Center) to investigate a theft. Keilaysha Usher (24 year old female, Oakland) Talmika Bates (24 year old female, Hayward) and Ramiah Armstrong (22 year old female, Richmond) left the store with about $10,000 worth of merchandise and fled in a Nissan Murano toward Lone Tree Way.

A responding Brentwood Police Officer located the vehicle at the intersection of Shady Willow Lane and Lone Tree Way and attempted a traffic enforcement stop. The driver of the Nissan collided with the patrol car and fled. The vehicle was located in a field at the north end of Slatten Ranch Road where the occupants fled on foot into a nearby neighborhood. A perimeter was set up by Brentwood, Antioch and Oakley Police units until all three females were located and taken into custody.

An additional subject, Adrian Benton Jr. (21 year old male, Richmond) appeared in the area to pick up the females and help them flee the area. He was also taken into custody without incident.

All four subjects are being booked into Martinez Detention Facility.

This case is currently under investigation. Anyone with additional information is encouraged to call Brentwood PD dispatch at 925-809-7911.


  1. Now that we live in CITIES these days, and the quiet, rural, life has gone away, this is the new reality. Criminals and assorted lowlifes trying to get over as much as possible. Soon, everything in a store will be locked away of tethered to something, to prevent theft. Great job by BPD in catching these punks

    • Already, some stores keep their doors locked and you have to call and make an appointment to see the merchandise. If they see someone trying to get in, and it’s one of those who just might try to pull a fast one on the merchant, they won’t let them in. I like that.

      We keep our office doors locked and people have to have a code to punch in when they get into the elevators. Then they go through a metal detector and then through a barred door before they are let it. We have tons of very expensive merchandise here. . . . and even with all this security, a few people are armed.

      Yes! It’s come to that, unfortunately.

  2. All the beauty supplies in the world couldn’t help these ugly heifers. Just look at the wildebeest on the front of the police car. Where did her big ass think she was gonna hide? Just blend in with the rest of the buffalo?

      • No thry arent. What are you going ti call the trash meth head Jimmy when he gets caught. A thief is a thief and wrong is wrong. Guess what, african Americans live in this community too and it pisses us off too!

    • ULTA has had several such robberies committed by women with names like Zinquesha, Albergottie, Uruduba, LaTrina, Peroquita … . . all from the Oakland/Richmond area …. who also tried to knock over JC Penney’s at Sun Valley Mall.

  3. This is not the first time that UlLTA has been hit by this ghetto garbage of society. They should get security guards to roam throughout the store. There are more Keilayshas and Talmikas out there ready to steal.

  4. They sure went after the good stuff. I see a bunch of Marc Jacobs perfumes which run around $125 each … and other more expensive, very high-end stuff. These chicks must have been studying VOGUE magazine ads for quite a while. They’re from Richmond? Oakland? No surprise!

  5. One of the problems is that the Streets of Brentwood are close to Highway 4 which means thieves can quickly get on the on-ramp and take off. If I were running a business like that, I’d want to be as far from the freeway as I possibly could. That’s quite a haul these women got.

  6. Thank you BPD for taking out the trash. I have worked decades for my money. This sh*t makes my blood boil. Get a real legal job, low life scum.


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