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Brentwood Police Share Scam Alert

by ECT

Brentwood PD

The following information was provided by the Brentwood Police Officers Association Facebook Page last night regarding a phone scam targeting senior citizens. Below is a copy of their warning which we wanted to pass on. This scam is not only limited to Brentwood so the warning should be taken seriously to everyone.

Did you receive a phone call regarding a loved one being in jail?

Recently there has been a phone scam targeting mainly senior citizens. Unexpected parents, grandparents and other family members will receive a phone call from a person identifying themselves as member of a law enforcement agency or law firm. The person will usually state they belong to an out of country agency or law firm, such as from Mexico or Canada.

The person will advise you that your loved one is currently incarcerated and if you send money via Western Union or another money transfer service they will release your loved one.

Be careful of sending money through Western Union, once money has been received at destination there is no way to retrieve.

They are very persistent on the phone and sometimes can be very aggressive. These people are very cunning and will pray on your emotions to achieve their goal of taking your money. They will use legal terms and provide you with specific instructions. The caller will even provide you with a phone number, which when you call they identify themselves as the agency or firm.

If you receive a phone call from a person stating the above facts please do the following.

– Call your loved one to assure they are not in jail.
– Search online or call an operator for the agencies official phone number, to verify if your loved on is in their custody.
– If you have determined this to a fraudulent call do not send the send money and advise the person on the phone you have discovered their scam.

Please share this information with your friends and family.

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Kathleen Jul 3, 2013 - 11:01 am

I stopped a women from falling victim to this at my job!

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