Brentwood Police Officers’ Association Endorses Joel Bryant and Olga Vidriales for City Council

Press Release


Brentwood, CA – The Brentwood Police Officers’ Association (BPOA) is announcing its endorsement and support of two of the candidates running for the two available seats on Brentwood’s City Council in the upcoming election.

After interviewing all five of the candidates in the race, the BPOA made the decision to endorse Joel Bryant and Olga Vidriales.

The BPOA is committed to building partnerships with members of the community, with the goal of providing exceptional service and top notch public safety.  Our primary concern is supporting candidates, who when elected, will support public safety, and help us to enhance the service and quality of life residents of Brentwood expect.

Detective Aaron Peachman, BPOA President, stated, “We believe that Joel Bryant and Olga Vidriales are the candidates who will best represent our interests, allowing us to provide the most exceptional service to our community, and be partners in helping keep Brentwood safe.”

Peachman added, “For those of us who choose to place our lives at risk for the safety of our community, it is of the utmost importance that we have supportive City leaders.  Olga and Joel are strongly recommended by our Brentwood Police Officers, and we invite you all to join us in electing them to the Brentwood City Council this November.”