Brentwood Police Make Arrest in Vehicle Theft After Citizen Captures Suspect on Video


On March 29, Brentwood Police officers were dispatched to the Lone Tree Plaza for a report of a vehicle theft that just occurred.

An alert witness watched as Mycal Plew (26 year old Concord resident) stole a vehicle in the parking lot and fled the scene.  The witness was able to take photographs of Plew and also able to record him steal the vehicle.

On March 30, an alert Antioch Police Officer spotted Plew and recognized him as the suspect involved in this vehicle theft investigation.  Brentwood Police Officers responded to Antioch where they were able to confirm Plew was the suspect in the vehicle theft and subsequently arrested him.  Plew was booked at the Martinez Detention Facility for vehicle theft and probation violation.

The Brentwood Police Officers Association (BPOA) wants to thank the alert witness and the Antioch Police Officer that played a key role with identifying and arresting this auto theft suspect.  The BPOA encourages the public to report any suspicious activity and to be a good witness without physically getting involved with confronting suspects.

BPD dispatch can be reached at the following numbers:

  • 925-809-7911  –  Non-Emergency Line
  • 925-809-7811  –  Emergency Line


  1. Wait…What? A honky committed a crime? Is he at least Section 8?

    Man, oh man, some of the RWNJs are going to explode.

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