Brentwood Police Investigating Residential Burglaries Believed to be Connected

Images provided by Brentwood Police

The Brentwood Police Department confirmed Tuesday night that it is investigating three residential burglaries that occurred on Monday sometime between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm in the Deer Ridge and Shadow Lakes communities.

Brentwood Police Lieutenant Walter O’Grodnick says all are believed to be connected.

The locations include:

  1. Area of 1000 Pacific Grove Court (Deer Ridge)
  2. 2700 block of Presidio Drive (Shadow Lakes)
  3. 2500 block of Whittaker Court (Shadow Lakes)

“Nobody was injured during any of the burglaries as nobody was home. It’s be awhile since we’ve investigated a string of residential burglaries all believed to be connected. These investigations are still ongoing,” explained O’Grodnick. “The suspects made entry into each residence by either smashing a rear window or kicking in a rear door.”

The suspects are described as Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander males in their 20’s. The suspect wearing the dark hoodie and eyeglasses appears to be holding a semi-automatic pistol in his hand. There’s no suspect vehicle description at this time.

Anyone with information regarding the suspects featured in the attached photos is asked to contact the Brentwood Police Department at 925-809-7911. Callers may remain anonymous. Residents are reminded to report any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods by calling 9-1-1 or our 24 hour Dispatch at 925-809-7911.



  1. Interesting, the photo posted on NextDoor showed one of the suspects armed with a handgun. But yet, no mention of that here. Way, to give the full story Brentwood PD!!!!

    Prop 47 at it’s finest, if they get caught, nothing will happen

  2. I’ve looked at these photos and I don’t see a pistol or anything that could be mistaken as a pistol.

    • Did you see on A friend of mine posted to fb and there’s a picture that definitely looks like it could have been a gun in hand.

  3. Mark ………. Look closer at that left hand over his head. He’s holding the pistol in it. I can see it clearly Enlarge the picture for a closer look

  4. Are the videos posted on Youtube? Is there a link? Could help to identify if there are more details.

  5. JC, 4th paragraph reads “appears to be holding a semiautomatic handgun”

    Gotta read a bit more than two sentences.

    They mean business carrying a gun. Maybe we will get lucky and they will shoot themselves.

    • “There’s no suspect vehicle description at this time”… right in the story. 😉

  6. Right, which is why we’re wondering what vehicle to look for. We’re given to understand that they made it in and out of three separate driveways or residential streets to commit a burglary, and were able to escape without leaving a clue as to how they got there? They’re either extraordinarily lucky, or they’re very professional. I’d hope they’d be captured on video at least once. Surely, by now, someone knows. And that should be “right in the story.”

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