Brentwood Police Investigating Possible Abduction of 2-Year-Old Child



A Brentwood father is searching for his two-year-old daughter after he was told the mother would be taking his daughter out of the country to Nicaragua. Brentwood Police are currently investigating the allegations and trying to track down the child’s mother.

According to the father, Alex Aamodt, he has shared custody with Lilly Ayala, and she has missed the past two visitation days and she is suspected of taking their daughter Luna Ayala  out of the area and potentially out of the country. Mr. Aamodt says this was not consensual and is a violation of court orders, child custody orders for shared custody of the child.

Mr. Aamodt states that he never did grant permission to take his daughter out of the country and was informed on Sunday of the travel plans.

“Her grandmother brought her over Sunday out of the blue for 6-hours and told me they were leaving to go to Nicaragua the following day at midnight. Tuesday morning came, no Luna. I contacted the court, Brentwood police and the District Attorney’s office and that’s where we are at,” stated Aamodt.

A police report was filed and Brentwood Police are investigating the claim and ask that anyone with information contact them to assist in the investigation according to Lieutenant Silva. There is no word yet on whether or not an Amber Alert would be issued.

Aamodt further explained that according a relative, Ayala grandmother wants to go back to Nicaragua to die “at home” and Lilly is closest to her Grandmother, hence why she wants to leave.

The way the court order reads according to Asmodt is that when one parent is to take the child out of the state, they need permission. He also shared that at one point, Ms. Ayala did move out of the county, but she had to move back after the courts got involved.  He added that there has also been several days in the past year where  Ms. Ayala has not shown up with Luna for his visitation.

This incident is different as he really has no idea where his daughter is located and with Brentwood PD still investigating, not much can be done at this point in time.

“This feels like someone has kicked me in the teeth and shot me in the heart at the same time. Even though we suspected she had pulled this, I never wanted to believe she would be this stupid and reckless,” said Aamodt.

At the end of the day, he just wants his daughter back and encourages Ms. Ayala’s family to cooperate with police.

“I want my daughter, that is the only right thing she can do is bring her back. I don’t care how, when, why it just needs to be done by her or someone else,” said  Aamodt.

As of 10:00 am Thursday, which is Aamodts scheduled time with his daughter,  she did not show up for the second time this week

This is just one side of the story  coming from Alex Aamodt and was confirmed by Brentwood Police that they are investigating the matter. If you have any information about the whereabouts of 2-year-old Luna Ayala, please contact Brentwood Police.

Below are additional photos of Luna Ayala provided by Alex Aamodt via email.