Brentwood Police Catch Suspect Who Fled Scene of 4-Car Accident


At 5:41 pm Monday, East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to four-car accident on Brentwood Blvd. and E. Sims Road in Brentwood. Upon arrival, Brentwood PD discovered one of the cars with major damage was stolen.

Police and fire crews quickly shut down the road in both directions as they worked the scene to check for injuries which included a baby in one of the four vehicles.  There was also a reported car fire, however, upon arrival; Engine 94 reported the fire was out. American Medical Response was tasked with checking as many as six patients on scene. It appears one was transported via ambulance with an injury.

According to witnesses, the driver and passenger of the vehicle fled the scene heading down E. Sims Road—one rumored to be injured with a leg injury.  A K9 unit was called to assist with the search which came from Antioch.

Upon K9 arrival, police began searching house to house down E. Sims Road. After about an hour, the K9 tracked the scent to the driver who was later identified on scene by a witness and taken into custody.

The man taken into custody appears to be the driver of the vehicle. The second suspect was not found.


  1. Love the photographs. Nice work Brentwood PD and Antioch K9. Credit also to ECCFPD and AMR. Grea to see the teamwork of all our emergency responders

  2. Love our PD and wish they had more resources. This is why I come to this site, you are the only one providing real brentwood news istead of fluff.

  3. Way to go Brentwood PD! Hope the Council approves giving you more resources so you can have more outcomes like this one

  4. Great work PD. Thanks for joining together to get the suspect caught. My grandkids live on this street and I was very worried. Thanks again for your great work!

  5. Finally earning there money honestly instead of harassing the local community for no reason wasting tax payers money… At least it was a real criminal this time ….Keep up the good work…

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