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Brentwood POA Endorses Tony Oerlemans for City Council

Press Release

by ECT

Brentwood, CA — The Brentwood Police Officers’ Association (BPOA) is announcing its endorsement and support of one of the candidates running for the available District 4 seat on Brentwood’s City Council in the upcoming election.

After reaching out to and engaging with the candidates, the BPOA made the decision to endorse Anthony “Tony” Oerlemans.

The BPOA works to develop relationships with invested, engaged, members of the community who are committed to help maintain and improve the public safety of the City of Brentwood.

Officer Aaron Peachman, BPOA President, stated, “We believe that Tony Oerlemans is the candidate who best embodies our commitment to community and public service, with many years of his life already dedicated to serving the City of Brentwood, and now coming home to serve in a new way.”

Peachman explained, “As a long time resident of the City of Brentwood, with a lengthy history of service to the community already, Tony Oerlemans is uniquely well suited to understanding the needs of our City. The Brentwood Police Officers’ Association believes that Tony Oerlemans brings a unique blend of experience, leadership, and community engagement to the table, and our officers would like to invite you all to join us in electing him to the Brentwood City Council. ”

The BPOA is not currently making any endorsements for the District 2 seat which is also up for election.

Peachman stated, “The BPOA has decided not to make any endorsements for the District 2 race at this time.”

Editors note

On September 7, 2022, ECT released our WTF California podcast interview with Oerleman’s covering a variety of topics from how council meetings are being ran to public safety, including his background as an officer with the Brentwood Police Department and now with San Francisco Police. To listen to the full interview, click here.

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