Brentwood PD: Four Injured in Sand Creek Road and Fairview Ave Crash



On August 26, 2013, at around 11:27 am,  Brentwood police officers responded to the intersection of Sand Creek Rd and Fairview Ave. for the report of a vehicle collision.  When officers’ arrived on scene, it was determined the collision involved 3 vehicles (Volvo sedan, a Lexus SUV and a Dodge pickup.)

Preliminary investigation revealed the Lexus was traveling eastbound on Sand Creek Road in the number two lane approaching the intersection of Fairview Avenue.  The Dodge was following the Lexus.  The Lexus and Dodge entered the intersection as the traffic light controlling their direction of travel was green.  The Volvo attempted to complete a left turn in front of them from the westbound left turn lane of Sand Creek Road to southbound Fairview Avenue.

A collision occurred between all 3 vehicles in the intersection.  All 3 vehicles sustained major damage.

  • A female passenger in the Volvo had to be extracted from the vehicle by East Contra Costa Fire Personnel.  She was transported to Eden Hospital in Castro Valley by REACH Helicopter for unknown injuries.
  • The female driver of the Volvo was transported to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek by Calstar for a complaint of pain to her neck and back.
  • A female passenger in the Lexus was transported to Kaiser in Antioch by American Medical Response for lacerations to her arms and neck.
  • The male driver of the Dodge was transported to Kaiser in Antioch by American Medical Response for unknown injuries.

The E/B lanes of Sand Creek Road at Fairview Ave were closed for approximately 2 hours.

The collision is currently under investigation by the Brentwood Police Department.  Anyone with information regarding this collision is asked to call Officer Ugarte of the Brentwood Police Department at (925)778-2441 or (925)634-6911.

Brentwood Police Department

Main Photo: Courtesy of ECCFPD Facebook
Photos courtesy of Scott Burke


  1. With all the construction at this intersection, I think vision was blocked by green structure on the West side of Sand Creek. As I drove from HIS to Lone Tree, every route had construction, traffic cones blocking lanes, and I could not turn North at this spot. Perhaps our City Engineers do NOT need to have so many projects ongoing simultaneously

    • Love how it’s constructions fault…. Really???? Where is the responsibility to drivers???? And for the record, that is 1 project………

    • That is not a city project. PG&E is replacing gas lines on Fairview. The city has no control over what PG&E does or doesn’t do with their construction. They appear to be taking their time completing the project.

      I’m fairly certain the Volvo will be found at fault. First of all, the left turn lanes are blocked off and have “No Left Turn” signs posted. Even if the lanes were open, the left turn lanes would’ve had a red light when through traffic had a green. It looks like the Volvo made an illegal left turn and ran a red light.

  2. This is unfortunate, but people need to pay attention when they plow through these intersections. I can stand at that intersection and watch vehicles traveling WELL beyond the speed limit. It’s a speed limit folks, not a speed suggestion. By the way, there were signs prohibiting the turn the Volvo was making. It’s easy to sit back and blame the construction instead of blaming the drivers for being complacent, inattentive, and non compliant.

    • People get angry because of all the construction that when they get to the light, they gun the acceleration pedal. How is it that I know? I am all along Fairview because of the construction. If Brentwood wanted to make revenue, all they would have to do is park a few police cruisers on Central, Sand Creek, Grant etc…

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