Brentwood Man Arrested After Firing 6 Shots in the Downtown Area


On Saturday November 5, Brentwood Police responded to a report of shots fired in the downtown Brentwood area at 1:30 am.

According to Brentwood Police Lieutenant Tim Herbert, police observed a large verbal argument taking place near the intersection of Oak Street and First Street. Before they could intervene, a man fired 6-shots into the air.

Lt. Herbert says the crowd dispersed in different directions and witnesses in the area identified arrestee – Michael Edgin (a white male, aged 33 of Brentwood), as the person responsible for firing the firearm.

Several shell casings and a firearm were recovered by officers and they did not locate any victims in the area.

Edgin was booked in to the Martinez County Detention Center for brandishing a firearm and negligent discharge of a firearm.

No further information was provided by Brentwood Police.


  1. U cops are targeting people, don’t they pay u to enforce the law not break it. U suck

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