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Brentwood Library Foundation Merges with Friends of the Brentwood Library

by ECT

The Brentwood Library Foundation, which has raised more than $700,000 for the Brentwood Library, has decided to close the book on its work and merge with the Friends of the Brentwood Library.

“We are very grateful to our many donors, including foundations, businesses, and individuals. Their generosity helped us provide many improvements to our library,” said Diane Alexander, President of the Foundation, which was started in 2014.

“Because the Foundation and the Friends of the Brentwood Library have the same goals of raising money for the library, it would be more efficient in fundraising to have one organization, the Friends, do the work,” Alexander explained. “The Friends group has worked for years to raise money for library projects through its book sales, its bookstore, and other fundraising activities. The Friends is a membership organization and I urge everyone to join.”

The Foundation’s Keystone Donor Circle campaign provided support for the construction of the library, which opened in September 2018. Among the items purchased as a result of the campaign were a laptop kiosk with 12 laptops, 10 sewing machines, a 3-D printer, furniture, and books. The campaign also supported installation of public art in the library.

“The tireless work of the Foundation, and in particular that of Diane Alexander has meant a great deal to the library and to the community we serve,” said Andrea Freyler, Acting Library Manager. “The Brentwood Library is an outstanding facility and the investments made possible by the Foundation make an even more remarkable place.” Freyler also recognized the work of Liz Fuller, former Library Manager, who worked with the Foundation. “We are grateful to Liz, who worked with the Foundation and helped make suggestions for appropriate purchases.”

Alexander said that Gail Leech, Senior Analyst for the City of Brentwood and others in Brentwood City government were also helpful to the Foundation.  “We sincerely appreciate the support we received from the City,” Alexander said.

The Foundation’s campaign exceeded its original fundraising goal of $635,000. After closing the campaign, the Foundation continued to raise funds for the library. Remaining funds from the Foundation treasury will be transferred to the Friends.

In addition to Alexander, other members of the Foundation board include Sharon Garrison, William Harms, Ellen Moser, Carlos Sanabria, Stephen F. Smith, and Vicki Ward.

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