Brentwood: Large Tree Falls at LUHSD Community Education Center


On Monday morning, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to a report of a downed tree on 2nd Street at the Liberty Union High School District Community Education Center in the City of Brentwood.

Firefighters said they got lucky on the fall because it likely occurred around 2:30 am Monday and was not reported until around 8:30 am. They said they believed it occurred at 2:30 am because that is when PG&E saw a brief issue in the area.

They added had the tree sparked, it could have created a major fire incident, while if the tree had fallen one direction it could have damaged the building and if it had fallen in another direction, it would have blocked 2nd Street in both directions.

No injuries were reported and a tree company as being called and were expected to be on scene for most of the day removing this tree and possibly several others.




  1. Trees like that should have been trimmed back PROFESSIONALLY years ago. It was obviously too top heavy.

  2. That was a pretty old tree. I remember it from when I went to elementary school there. I wonder when it was planted out?

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