Brentwood: Homeless Start Vegetation Fire, Firefighters Limit Incident to 1-Acre


At 4:58 pm Friday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District responded to a report of smoke coming from the area of Vasco Road near Marsh Creek Road in Brentwood.

While responding, a column of brown smoke was observed in the area and upon further investigation, Battalion Chief 5 located the fire in a heavily wooded area near a creek off Concord Avenue and Orchard Lane.

Although flames were 30-40 feet high due to trees and heavy brush, the fire was limited to just under an acre. Crews were on scene for 3-hours and 33-minutes.

The cause of the fire was believed to be from homeless in the area.


  1. Yet, another fire started by these vagrants? When will this stop? They have to all be removed from this area and sent on their way to the cities and states they came from.

    • I agree! This is too much! I wouldn’t be surprised if people would handle this matter outside the law, because the law is NOT doing anything.

  2. Reguardless of where these homeless were from they need to be held accountable for there actions. The amount of fires started by homeless is out of control & a huge drain on resources. This past Saturday Homeless started a fire behind my property in Antioch. They just hung out while the FD put out the fire. The police were contacted & have yet to remove these dangerous vagrants. Why do these people not face any consequences for there actions?

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