Brentwood: EPA Announces $1.5 Million Grant for Three Creeks Parkway Restoration Project


On Tuesday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a $1.5 million grant award to American Rivers for the Three Creeks Parkway Restoration Project within the City of Brentwood.

The Project will widen the creek to provide flood risk mitigation, plant trees and vegetation to provide habitat for fish and wildlife, and provide recreational opportunities. The ceremony was held at Monarch Park in Brentwood.

This is part of an $8 million total award for eight San Francisco Bay water quality and restoration projects. With this contribution from EPA, the project has reached 92% of its needed funding. This grant is a significant step closer to beginning project construction in 2020.

Speaking in the video:

  • Tim Jensen, Assistant Chief Engineer, Contra Costa County Flood Control & Water Conservation District
  • Mike Stoker, Regional Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Pacific Southwest
  • Steve Rothert, California Director, American Rivers
  • Teresa Gerringer, Communications Director, Office of Supervisor Diane Burgis, Contra Costa County
  • Joel Bryant, Vice Mayor, City of Brentwood

About EPA’s San Francisco Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund: EPA manages a competitive grant program to support projects to protect and restore San Francisco Bay. This grant program, known as the San Francisco Bay Water Quality Improvement Fund (SFBWQIF), began in 2008. The SFBWQIF has invested over $58 million in 68 projects. These projects include over 80 partners who are contributing an additional $168 million to restore wetlands and watersheds and reduce polluted runoff.


  1. Too bad Oakley and its so called leaders are too focused on 7-11s and cigarette shops to accomplish something worth while like this!!
    Great job Brentwood!!!

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