Brentwood Dogs to be Euthanized After May 1 Attacks


brentwood dog 4

Contra Costa Animal Control confirmed Monday that two dogs that escaped from a yard and attacked two people on May 1 will be euthanized

The attacks occurred in the neighbored of Nunn Street and Hudson Drive before returning home. In the backyard authorities took the dogs into custody—having to Taser one dog who was aggressive.

A Shar Pei mix and Labrador retriever have been on hold in quarantine by Contra Costa Animal Control since the attacks and have now surpassed the 10-days quarantine.

Rick Golphin, Deputy Director at the Contra Costa County Animal Services, explained that the dogs were surrendered to the shelter (ownership transfer) and they intend to euthanize both animals because they are not a candidate for placement due to their aggression.


  1. I smell a lawsuit coming, particularly because one of the victims I believe was taken to the hospital by ambulance with a significant injury. Shame on the owner of those dogs!

  2. Hey Brentwood dog lovers, if you want to live in a community where the city council upholds dog rights over human life, come move to Antioch.

    Here, citizens come second to dogs. We have the most ass backwards way of logic in Antioch. Here you can sue people for damaging your dog’s teeth in the event your dogs get loose and stupid people were in the way, so the dogs to bit them.

    We have shootings in Antioch every day, but don’t worry about what your read in the paper. Our competent mayor said “things are getting better” so the crimes you read about never actually happened.

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