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Brentwood City Council Set to Discuss Strategic Plan

by ECT

On December 1, the Brentwood City Council will hold a special meeting of the City Council to discuss its Strategic Plan.

According to the meeting schedule (staff report), the meeting will run from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

This plan will be developed after the Nov. 9 council meeting where council received an update on its 2020/2021- 2021/22 plan as well as an overview of the fiscal status of the city finances, as well as held a discussion on focus areas titles and new initiatives for its next two years (Fiscal Year 2022/23-2022/24),

On November 9, 2021, the City Council participated in a strategic planning workshop to discuss and direct staff on a two-year blueprint for FY 2022/23 – FY 2023/24. The plan discussed incorporates six focus areas, including: Public Works, Police Services, Economic Development, Community Development, Parks & Recreation Services, and Fiscal Sustainability & Operational Management.

The following possible initiatives were discussed on November 9, 2021 and will be discussed in greater detail during this workshop:

Public Works:

  • Organics regulations compliance
  • Innovation Center infrastructure, including Sand Creek Road extension
  • Water treatment expansion
  • Citywide pavement condition
  • Utility rate studies
  • Underground power lines off Brentwood Boulevard
  • Sound wall mitigation measure(s)
  • City Hall parking garage

Police Services:

  • Enhanced community engagement

Economic Development

  • Encourage private re-investment through the sale of Successor Agency and City owned real properties
  • Implement Brentwood Boulevard and Downtown Plan Specific Plans
  • Enhance retail recruitment activities
  • Boost the Better in Brentwood™ brand with expanded marketing services
  • Partner on a historical and interesting facts tourism project
  • Assist with an agriculture and business promotion destination tourism facility

Community Development

  • Housing Element
  • Objective design standards
  • General Plan implementation updates
  • Conservation & Open Space policy implementation

Parks & Recreation

  • Amphitheater project
  • Senior Center expansion
  • Youth Center development
  • Sand Creek Sports Park field phasing and financing plan
  • Park near Amber Lane apartments
  • 4th of July firework event
  • Skate park hours and lighting
  • Windsor Way Community Center/Park
  • Mural walk expansion
  • Completion of trail connections

Fiscal Sustainability & Operational Management

  • Classification & Compensation Study (MOU term)
  • IT Master Plan implementation
  • Spanish translation programming
  • Employee compensation bonus via ARPA funds
  • Annual community service day

There could possibly be some initiatives with the potential of being rolled over from the current strategic plan into the new plan for discussion. June 2022 will be the conclusion of the current two-year strategic plan, and pending City Council discussion, direction, and adoption of the City of Brentwood Strategic Plan FY 2022/23 – FY 2023/24, the new plan will begin in July 2022.


The framework for the City’s FY 2022/23 – FY 2023/24 strategic plan will be presented by City staff via a PowerPoint presentation addressing high priority projects, the City’s financial capacity, and planning for the future quality of life objectives. Staff will reintroduce the six focus areas and present the proposed goals and initiatives for further City Council discussion, deliberation, and direction. Staff anticipates bringing the final Strategic Plan to the City Council for approval in February 2022. The workshop agenda (Attachment “A”) will serve as a guide for the day and the schedule times are tentative and subject to change.


City staff will present the City Council with a financial plan that identifies and presents funding for high priority projects and strategic plan initiatives. Both financial capacity and fiscal impacts will be identified and discussed throughout the planning session. It is important to note that the focus of the strategic plan session is on the initiatives and concepts being presented to the City Council for direction and that the fiscal information is only estimated at this point.

Following the City Council’s discussion and direction to staff, cost estimates will be refined and incorporated into the City’s two-year operating and capital budgets when the City Council adopts the final strategic plan and the budget for FY 2022/23 and FY 2023/24.

Meeting Details:

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