Brentwood: Body of Missing Boater Recovered



Shortly before 11:30 am Saturday, emergency crews responded to a boating accident near Cruiser Haven Marina off Orwood Road which two passengers were thrown into the Delta water.

The boat, traveling at roughly 50-mph hit something in the water, possibly an underwater log or sand dune, causing it to lose control before it hit the bridge—both passengers had already been thrown from the boat. The impact caused the engine to be ripped off the back of the boat.

After about 40-minutes of search and rescue, the incident was changed to a recovery. At 4:00 pm,, the US Coast Guard and Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office were still patrolling the area looking for the second boater. By 5:00 pm, the Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office announced the second boater had been recovered.

The passenger who made it to shore was being overlooked by American Medical Response and was okay, but visibly shaken from the accident around noon. Engine 94 out of Knightsen along with AMR and Oakley Police were first on scene along with the Contra Costa County Sheriff.

According to a source on scene, the missing boater was wearing a self-inflating vest that may not have worked. The boat was reportedly participating in a local fishing tournament when it lost control. The family of the boater has been notified, but no further information has been provided.

Information will be updated once the Sheriffs Office provides official details



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