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Brentwood Apartment Fire Brings Community Together in Time of Need

City of Brentwood Press Release

by ECT

BRENTWOOD, CA – On December 3, 2021, a fire broke out at a low-income apartment complex on Broderick Drive in Brentwood, CA. Eleven households including multiple families were displaced, and many lost all but the shirts on their backs. None were hurt, but the ongoing need to get them back on their feet is great. American Red Cross Northern California Coastal Region was on scene and assisted with immediate financial assistance, blankets, and toiletries. Other non-profits have stepped up with donations for food and clothing in the short term.

Helping these families, many including young children, with getting reestablished in homes and back to some sense of normalcy, is something the community can continue to assist with.

The City of Brentwood is grateful for the partnerships with agencies including the Red Cross, Monument Crisis Center, Monument Impact, Hijas del Campo, Meals on Wheels Diablo Region, Delta Community Services, Brentwood Lions, Village Community Resource Center, East Contra Costa Community Alliance and others pending more information, that have all shown great compassion in meeting the immediate needs with food, clothing, shelter, gift cards, and counseling. We invite others in the community to contribute beyond this short-term assistance.

Brentwood business owners Miguel Saldana and Gio Covarrubias, from Azucar Candies and More, have been instrumental with their immediate response.

“As business owners, our commitment is not just to sell products and provide good customer service, it is also to help community members in situations of misfortune. Our customers are friends who are part of our family, and a united community can overcome any misfortune,” Miguel said.

Other immediate and significant response has come from local non-profit Hijas del Campo and residents like Nikki Pryor, who provided food, clothing, and other donations the day of the fire.

Interested businesses, non-profits and individuals can donate online through an established and trusted fiscal manager in Monument Crisis Center where all funds donated will go into a restricted fund designated specifically for these tenants.

Visit their donation website at: https://monumentcrisiscenter.org/donate-now , and scroll down to a drop down menu from “I would like to donate to” selecting the Brentwood Fire Victims option. You can also text MCC to 41-444 and it will route to the same page to make a donation.

To donate by check, make the check payable to MONUMENT CRISIS CENTER: Brentwood Fire Victims. Checks can be mailed to P.O. BOX 23973, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523. Again, all funds will go into a restricted account for these tenants. No donations of goods can be accepted at Monument Crisis Center – please donate online or via check only.

The American Red Cross suggests that the donations of food, clothing and other household items at this phase of a fire recovery may not be as helpful due to the issues related to collection, storage, and distribution of those items. A direct financial donation to a trusted source, including gift cards, is best. If gift cards are donated, they can be dropped off with Miguel Saldana at Azucar Candies & More located at 7860 Brentwood Blvd, Brentwood, CA.

Council Member Susannah Meyer jumped in immediately upon hearing of the issue, and reached out to her numerous non-profit contacts to assist. “The response to this tragedy has been overwhelming and wonderful. Every day since the fire we have heard from more agencies and individuals who want to help. This is a perfect example of how our community members look out for each other in a time of need. Brentwood has gone above and beyond, and all of us involved could not be more grateful,” said Council Member Meyer.

The holiday season is a time of fellowship and giving. We appreciate the Brentwood community for their engagement and encourage all to help where they can and spread the word about this opportunity to donate in support of these residents. The need is great, but we are coming together and making a difference in the lives of our residents in need

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