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Brentwood Announces Results from Deer Ridge Golf Course Survey

by ECT

BRENTWOOD, CA – Brentwood City officials have published the results from the Deer Ridge Golf Course Survey.

The non-scientific survey which was conducted from April 12, 2021 to April 28, 2021. The survey received 484 Responses. Highlights of the survey reflect that 70.5% preferred organic agricultural use in place of the current property conditions.

According to the Survey Results:

The new owner of the former Deer Ridge Golf Course is proposing to use the golf course property for organic agriculture. The City of Brentwood developed and published an on-line survey regarding this potential reuse of the Deer Ridge Golf Course. Here is a summary of the result.

It must be stressed that an on-line survey is NOT a scientifically selected survey, and all results should be used cautiously. Such a survey does provide an indication of what the people motivated to take the survey thought, but results should be interpreted cautiously.

The survey was open from April 12, 2021 to April 28, 2021. There were 484 Responses. 48.5% identified themselves as living in the Deer Ridge area with an addition 16.9% reporting living in the Shadow Lakes area. Thus, more than 2/3rds of respondents identified as living in the area of the golf former golf course.

  • 70.5% of all respondents preferred organic agricultural use in preference to leaving the property as is. Of those that indicated they lived in the Deer Ridge neighborhood, 64% favored organic agriculture. Those that lived directly adjacent to the former golf course favored organic agriculture by 62%.
  • The agricultural crop most preferred was grape vines. Lavender and olive trees were also supported but to a lesser extent.
  • 87% supported the idea of public trails on the former golf course property, 5.6% preferred a private, fee-based trail system. Notably, only 6.8% said they were opposed to the idea of trails on the property. 81% of respondents who reported living directly adjacent to the former golf course supported the idea of public trails
  • The property owner has proposed selling a portion of the former golf course property to residents to allow for expanded rear yards. 40.9% of respondents were opposed to the idea. 28.7% supported it, 26.4% supported the idea only if building a structure on the expanded back yard property was prohibited. Of those who reported living adjacent to the golf course 37% opposed the opportunity for property owners to expand their back yard. 25% favored to idea, and 22% favored the idea as long as no structures were allowed in the area.

This reuse proposal is property owner initiative; City staff have not completed the analysis of the proposal and do not have a position at this time. Staff will take the results of this online survey into account, along with other all other public comments and all available information while analyzing the golf course reuse proposal.

The proposal may be considered by the Planning Commission and City Council this summer.

Information released by City of Brentwood

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Michael Fischer May 7, 2021 - 5:23 pm

We did not even hear about this survey till I on Nextdoor app. It was 5/2/21
Filled out the questioner only to find it was to late. This is absolutely ridiculous survey when the people in Deer Ridge don’t even know about it! Come on City Council get ready to represent . This is a major joke this fly by night non profit is playing us for.

Loving our open space May 8, 2021 - 5:53 am

We didn’t hear about it until after the fact, either.

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