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Brentwood: An Open Letter to Carissa Pillow

by ECT

Over the last few weeks, there has been much debate over consistent comments made by Brentwood City Council Candidate Carissa Pillow who is suggesting firefighters stop responding to medical calls. This has  resulted in many speaking out against her position while questioning her ability to be a leader in Brentwood.

What is troubling to me is she is turning a District problem into an idea for the City of Brentwood. Is her campaign focus ECCFPD or is it the City of Brentwood? The last time I checked, Brentwood does not have it’s own fire department. What is most troubling is Ms. Pillows is making statements prior to meeting with the fire experts–now she is sharing she has met with the experts but still is not apparently listening to them.

Rather than continue to defend a losing position, she simply could have issued a paragraph stating she misspoke and her assumptions were false.  It could have been that simple and this nonsense would have stopped. Instead, she wont admit she was wrong and continues to defend her uninformed original statements that she provided at the ECCFPD Board Meeting.

I wanted to share the following “open letter” because it states beautifully how most of us feel having watched Ms. Pillows actions the last few weeks.

Dear Ms. Pillows,

While I appreciate your attempts to clarify, I would be remiss if I did not let you know I am concerned by your message and tone. You come across as thin skinned which would not serve you (or your future constituents) well, if you are ever elected to office.

To take this issue a step further it is important to know that Measure “S” failed for numerous reasons, beyond what you cited. Many voters chose to believe falsehoods that were being peddled by a few anti-tax zealots. Compounding matters, was the average citizen does not acknowledge the reality that they are currently paying far less local taxes due to decreased property values. The amount they are “saving” is coming directly out of the fire department’s operating budget and is the nexus which has created this current situation. We could debate the merits of why “Yes” on Measure “S” message did not resonate but in the end, the voters of East County will have to experience a costly lack of emergency service, until the climate changes for a future measure to pass.

It boils down to “perception” versus “reality” of how emergency services are delivered. For the most part only the Firefighters, EMS personnel, first responders, administrators, a few politicians, fire commissioners and victims of emergencies know those realities. Those that peddled the “No on S” message played on ignorance and “perception”….it was easy! This is why it is troubling when an elected official or someone seeking office falls for the perceptions or tries to reinvent the wheel. I’ll wager that this is why you have met with frustration from some of the fire personnel and individuals that have been actively engaged in this particular issue. There is a reason these individuals are experts in their fields, so when someone such as a taxpayer special interest group, lazy journalist, Johnny come lately or even the latest candidate tells them that they know better, they tend to be short. Explaining the obvious to the absurd over and over again might just explain and excuse their demeanor. Go easy on them Carissa, they have been attacked by idiots.

If you don’t think they realize that they are already campaigning then you should steer clear of politics. (hence your comment; “your next campaign has already begun”). They have been campaigning for years as part of their everyday public service on every call. Again Carissa, you are not really in a position to educate them-it is obvious you are new to politics, they are not.

As for your other comment; “I would also appreciate if you would STOP characterizing my constituents as “ignorant”, You should probably be aware that you have no “constituents” until the time that you are elected. Stating anything different only makes you look ignorant.

I for one appreciate that you are going to meetings, but just attending doesn’t make you an expert, just like standing in a garage doesn’t make you a mechanic. It is what you learn and how you inspire people to do what they do best. In many cases you have been standing among experts, I suggest you take advantage of that knowledge-not argue with it.

You mentioned “duplication of services” repetitively yet you fail to recognize that the directors of EMS and AMR both state, they rely on the fire department on all medicals. AMR is in the transport business-the fire department is not. According to Vince Wells (Con Fire), Leslie Mueller (AMR) and Pat Frost (County EMS) they are part of a cohesive TEAM when it comes to medical emergencies. You don’t need to look very far or attend many meetings to get that information. I ask you, how many times does it need to be explained. Candidates and voters have a responsibility in all of this. You just cannot keep asking the same question over and over hoping you will change the message!

In closing you stated that you “would appreciate not being completely discredited by the lot of you before you have a full understanding of what is going on in the district”. Based on what I have read here (and been informed by some of the individuals that you are butting heads with), you have made statements which have discredited your opinion because you did so even after having a full understanding and explanation. Therefore your quoted statement disqualifies itself on its merits and your past actions speak quite differently than the message you are trying to deliver here.

I actually cringed reading your exchange with Mr. Burkholder and Mr. Whitener. As a voter, I think it is you that needs to work on your delivery.

Carissa you may eventually make a fantastic city council member (Brentwood needs change) but so far you are making every rookie mistake in the book while trying to tell everyone else how to conduct their business. (You have no constituents unless you are elected!) Brentwood has developed a bad reputation of “not playing well with others” and it appears to be getting worse.

If you have a desire to change that “perception” your candidacy is an excellent place to start.

Thank you


Here is a portion of the comments which this open letter was responding to. More of the background of this post can be found on an article I wrote on August 10 thanks to Ben Whitener for sharing his conversation.

On August 10, as the debate was in full swing (polite I might add), Ms. Pillows issued the following statement:

Because of the past very passionate and heated conversations that have been demonstrated in the past in these forums, I regret to say that I will not participate in this dialogue online. I will happily schedule a meeting with any Brentwood resident who would like to share their concerns with me one on one or in a group. My email address is: [email protected] Feel free to email me and I will make time in my schedule. Have a wonderful weekend, folks!

This is stunning because she cut off a debate which she engaged, suggested we make an appointment if we wanted to talk more. I have news for Ms. Pillows, candidates seek out voters, not the other way around.

Ultimately, she returned to the debate on August 15 to issue the following statements again:

Logan, Ben, Mike, John, Brandon n Christi, Peter, Christine, Sam, Keith, Jared, Rikky, Robert, Joe, Jennifer, Ryan, Bob, Kathy, Jane, Andrea and Sarah: I want to clear up a few misconceptions in this thread. I hear and see that you are all very passionate about fire service in the East Contra Costa County District. I have been reluctant to post further information on my position, as I have been doing due diligence in learning the complexities of the Fire District and the role that the Fire District plays in health care. I have spoken with at least 50 people within my constituency to get a wide spread feel for why measure S failed. I campaigned for “Yes on S” because I agree that we need revenue that was lost when all of our homes were devalued by the Tax Assessor’s office. I voiced PERCIEVED duplications of service in the public after the campaign was finished, as I believe that is one of the sticking points that caused our campaign to fail. I suggested to stop arriving at low level calls BECAUSE that is where the public is seeing the duplication.

I met with Vince Wells today for a lengthy meeting to get clarification on this issue and discuss how to make a future campaign successful. We won’t be having an elected board in East Contra Costa County District because the elections cost more than the district can afford. I brought up the idea of an appointed citizens board because I felt that the Board in place doesn’t work together well due to their interest in protecting their individual cities. There are clearly personalities on the present board that do not see eye to eye.

Yes I have a libertarian background. However, I don’t follow party line on this issue because I believe that when you keep taxes local, the responsible districts can be held accountable for their decisions. The further that money flows away, the less accountable any district is to the decisions they make with the money. The discussion I was having with Ben, that he diverted me from was a discussion on the areas where a future campaign could succeed. I also wanted to relay to Gil the information that I had gathered so that he would have the tools he needed to succeed. Whether you all are aware of this or not, your next campaign has already begun. It is crucial that the messages you provide the public are clear, optimistic and POLITELY rebuff any “Yeah but” that you receive.

It then proceeded into the following comments in a matter of minutes.

Today, I met with Vince Wells, whom I should have met with first.

It would have been helpful if one of you very well intentioned folks had directed me there, politely, first.

I found Vince Wells information to be very helpful. I am actively working with Vince to learn more about the District and how I can help give the right information with my campaign. I want to be clear on this: I support Fire. I absolutely see the need for Fire Service and I am beginning to understand the current service delivery model. I have no “shady” agenda. I am not interested in undermining Professional Fire Fighters or frankly any profession to which I do not belong. My desire is to support and protect my area and the people that I will hopefully serve. Ben, you took me on like an out of control dog going after a piece of meat. It is very hard to educate myself when I perceive you attacking me as I extend my hand to help you. If you had asked me to meet with you, or made any attempt to contact me before you bashed me behind my back on this forum, I would have happily met with you to discuss your ideas. Instead you blind sighted me, which really made it very difficult to research further.

I will issue a public statement about Fire Service as soon as I finish my education in this topic. I will work closely with Vince to make 100% certain I understand the perspectives of the whole group. I don’t mean to “leave you hanging”, but is important that the words I speak are accurate and supportive. I am neither shady, nor ignorant, nor narrow minded. I think that no one has ever accused me of such things in my life. I support Fire Services, I campaigned for “Yes on S” and I would appreciate not being completely discredited by the lot of you before I have a full understanding of what is going on in this District.

Note: she should never have issued her many statements prior to meeting with Vince Wells or not fully understanding the issue.

I would appreciate if you would STOP characterizing my constituents as “ignorant”. I appeal to you that this does not cast a good light on the fire services that you provide and it really leaves a sour taste in the mouths of the people you serve. You need to have a unified, clear, repeating response that is considerate of the people that you are trying to sway. There is no place for negativity in a campaign of any kind, including yours.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to hear your opinions. Please give me time to work on a statement that is supportive of your efforts.

I politely made the comment, So its the other guys fault you did not seek out Vince Wells before making your comments and opinions heard?

No Mike, it is not any one’s fault but my own. I didn’t say that it was. I said that it would have been nice to have this articulate expert explaining the full extent of the complexities. I find that there are people who help others by directing them to the most qualified people in the field. I also find that there are people who distort the message by using bully tactics to “support” the group. In a campaign for a tax, bully tactics do not work. They only turn off the people who are making the decision whether to support or not support the tax. I would recommend that your group use more carrot and less stick in the way that handle public relations.

That was intended as constructive, and concerned criticism. I only wish for the Fire District’s success.

I stated the following: I thought Jeff Burris and Brian Helmick laid it out pretty good at Black Bear for you. With that said, I wish you luck in your race and finding out more details on fire, however, as a Brentwood candidate, fire is not your issue you should be focusing on.

I’m glad that you thought that. Unfortunately, the person that needed to think that was me. What I saw at the Black Bear were two men under a great deal of duress who were unable to dispel the perception of duplication of service. As I just said, I will be spending a few more sessions with Vince that will hopefully speak to my constituents concerns. I would appreciate being given the time that I need to do that. Mike, up to this point, have you seen any other candidate appear at the Fire Board Meetings in hopes of learning what these issues are? And why might that be? What candidate went out of their way to bother to learn the issues? Why might that be? Have you seen a candidate making efforts to help the district? Do you see this candidate as anything other than concerned and caring for our Fire District? If you have, let me know. I will revise any perceived ill will, because I care about this issue. It matters. It matters a lot. It’s not something I’m trying to turn into a campaign issue. The Fire District is just something that I care about seeing through to success.

So there you have it, she thinks Jeff Burris and Brian Helmick were under duress as they were explaining to her the whole EMS response plan and why fire should continue responding to medicals. Let me break this down for everyone, and Bob Mankin can back me up on this, both Mr. Burris and Mr. Helmick spoke very slowly so she could understand and were not under any such duress as she claims.

Based off her actions on the fire issue and how flustered she has apparently become, it makes me curious about the type of change her “fresh perspective” will bring to Brentwood. If it turns out like the fire debate has become, Brentwood is in some serious trouble.

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JimSimmons42 Aug 19, 2012 - 7:44 am

How can someone who claims to be a supporter of fire, worked on measure s, and spoke to so many people still be that wrong? That is scary man! I feel sorry for the people of Brentwood as the bar for a city council candidate has just been lowered.

BenSmith Aug 19, 2012 - 8:03 am

The open letter is very well done. Her comments over the last few weeks are disturbing but did like the part where you state “both Mr. Burris and Mr. Helmick spoke very slowly so she could understand and were not under any such duress as she claims”. When I read that she made the claim they were under duress, I knew this woman had no business serving in any office. I think carrissas campaign will be in duress thanks to her comments and actions on fire.

By the way, if she spends so much time on ECCFPD, where is her time spent on Brentwood issues? Does anyone even know what she wants to do for Brentwood?

Ben Whitener Aug 19, 2012 - 11:09 am

Just a quick note on the “duress” comment that Ms. Pillow made – I have known these men for a very long time and worked with them in some very extreme situations in the fire service and they maintained their composure like any good firefighter would. Her stating that they were under duress is comical at the very least.

Jill Thompson 55 Aug 19, 2012 - 1:48 pm

Burk likes to exagerate to get readers, that is okay!

EastCountyReader Aug 19, 2012 - 2:31 pm

Great comment Ben.

Ms. Pillow’s comment was more of an excuse on her part. I want to like her as a candidate but she continues to come up short.

Oh well, anyone but Stonebarger, so maybe she still gets a pass based on her comedic ablilities.

EastCountyReader Aug 19, 2012 - 2:34 pm

p.s. Jill, if you think exaggeration is a good way to get readers, you must love the exaggeration, exploitation and imagination over at Halfway to Concord. That website is hard to read without feeling sorry for the delusional trolls that hang out there.

EMT John Aug 19, 2012 - 8:14 am

Whoever is running her campaign has failed and should be fired. I think what people are forgetting is no one who is currently on the ECCFPD Board has come out against Ms. Pillows stating she has been wrong, Her opponents also have not done this which is troubling. This woman has been following this issue for sometime, its sad no one in a leadership position has come out and corrected her. That makes them just as bad as her.

As someone in the field, I request our leaders stand up for us because we do need assistance of firefighters on many calls we answer.

Ben Whitener Aug 19, 2012 - 11:11 am

EMT John – I can understand the Fire Board not correcting her to a certain extent, but I agree that they and the Chief Officers of ECCFPD can and should correct her.

EastCountyReader Aug 19, 2012 - 2:37 pm

Is it possible that they have grown tired of trying to answer the same dumb questions?

To their credit, there really are dumb questions. Just ask Kris Hunt and Dave Roberts!

…..you can’t fix stupid.

John Lately Aug 19, 2012 - 8:50 am

I’v never heard of Carissa Pillow until recently and decided to look her up. Who is she and what has she done for Brentwood that would make anyone want to vote for her? She had her head in the sand up until about six months ago and now is paying attention as if she has done it for years. Sorry Ms. Pillows, you have to invest in your community and put some skin in the game. Not have a head in sand approach like you have done.

She admits to not paying attention to the news for the previous two years and now wants to run a city? I don’t think so!

Check out her website, it states the following, “I set out on the mission to serve my community about six months ago when I was driving from my home to our downtown. I had just turned off my television, having watched bad news story after bad news story. The last story I watched had been about America’s credit rating drop. Over the two years prior, I had been so wrapped up in my own family’s problems that I had totally lost track of what was going on in the news. So, when I did finally look up and start researching the problems in our government, I was absolutely dumbfounded to find an entanglement between government and big business. I walked out my front door, shaking my head at what the United States had become. As I drove down the road that I’d driven down so many times before; I realized how many houses, how many families had been displaced in the last two years. As I drove to the downtown, I looked around at all the “For Lease” signs in Brentwood. I was just beside myself about how many of our businesses had closed up shop. I literally couldn’t go one city block without seeing a vacant shop. As I was taking this drive, I couldn’t help but feel that our own community has been chipped away one small chip at a time by the financial devastation that has taken place over the last four years. It isn’t the same bustling new city that we moved to seven years ago.on her ballot statement. http://carissapillow.com/?p=153

I am voting Gene Clare and Dirk Zieger. Out with the old and in with the new, which of course does not include Nurse Pillow.

Jill Thompson55 Aug 19, 2012 - 1:47 pm

It’s never to late for someone to get invovled with local causes. Instead of badmouthing someone, encourage them!

Dee Shoveled Aug 19, 2012 - 2:38 pm


I encourage you to go back to Halfway to Concord. How is that?

BW Aug 19, 2012 - 5:15 pm

Dee, you fit in well here with the smarmy Editor, East County Reader and others. You people not ony have all the answers, you know which of the questions are stupid.

Ms. Pillow is a candidate for Brentwood City Council. Her priority must be Her city, which we have seen is the same as the current city council members.

Her comments have shown a willingness to step outside the status quo and try to uncover answers for her community. This is what many of us want to see more of, not less. She supports the fire district, participated fully in favor of Measure S, and I have not seen or heard her actually call for a change in deployment. IF she has made any missteps it is attempting to have a conversation with someone who is completely certain they are right and anyone who disagrees is stupid.

This site picks sides…fine. It went off the cliff for MeasureS and failed to make a dent.
For some reason, this blog believes it is in tune with MOST people. Most = more than half. At least in Brentwood, it is not what I see. Here, on this blog, I do see a few people who hail from places other than Brentwood claim to know what’s best for Brentwood.

Echo chambers have little impact on democracy.

Bobby Lott Aug 19, 2012 - 5:26 pm

Well said BW

Burk and his crew of union thugs are scared because Ms. Pillows is a free thinker and willing to make the tough decisions for Brentwood which apparently the current city council is affraid to do. If Ms. Pillows met with Vince Wells, she needs to meet with Kris Hunt and Wendy Lack so she can better understand their position.

If the firefighters would actually hold a discussion with Ms. Pillows, maybe she would be more open to learning their perspective. Vote Pillows in 2012!

EastCountyReader Aug 19, 2012 - 11:11 pm


Again with the rhetoric? Perhaps it’s time to post a few “gems” from your fellow Taxpayer association club members like Wendy Lack…If you don’t see how hypocritical she is, then you too are guzzling the kool aid they are serving you over there. To suggest that Ms. Pillows needs to talk to Wendy Lack is scary. Wendy Lack has no level of expertise on this issue unless you buy into her dillusion as a self proclaimed expert on everything. What a joke. There is a reason she is ignored outside of your club.

Wendy Lack August 18, 2012 at 2:01 pm
Thomas Sowell had it right when he said:
“The first lesson of economics is scarcity: There is never enough of anything to satisfy all those who want it. The first lesson of politics is to disregard the first lesson of economics.”
Then Wendy followed with; “The troublesome political problem with our county supervisors is their drive to satisfy public employee labor groups at the expense of serving the public interest. Their track record of decisions says it all: In Contra Costa, scarce resources are directed to labor . . . and residents get stuck with the tab (i.e., insult + injury).
The ConFire parcel tax issue is an example of the sups’ priorities-in-action.”
Wendy Lack August 19, 2012 at 5:43 pm
It’s one thing to make a gaffe at a city council meeting, but it’s downright appalling that Wells would repeat it in his CCT op-ed today.

Ms. Lack would make great strides by changing her priorities and pay more attention to great leaders like Abraham Lincoln who said; “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

He had it right.

Wendy Lack has the right to remain silent, but insists on vocalizing her shortcomings over and over! It is hard not to feel sorry for her as she rambles on. It is painful.

I have witnessed Wendy Lack in front of the Board of Supervisors on multiple occasions. Every time Wendy Lack opens her mouth, she makes numerous gaffes and constantly embarrasses herself in front of the board and audience. Wendy’s own hypocrisy and denial prevents her from seeing what we all see. The best part is it is all captured on video.

She needs to stop removing all doubt.

JigsUp Aug 20, 2012 - 8:18 am

Let’s get something straight from the get go. Kris Hunt and Wendy Lack don’t meet with people to have discussions. They have gatherings where they pontificate to their flock. Spreading their brand of propaganda. It’s not really all the far from a cult type atmosphere. People actually pay to hear this junk. On a yearly basis they pay 4 or 5 times more for the brainwashing get-togethers than they would be paying if they voted for the proposed ConFire assessment. You want to talk about backwards thinking individuals, there you go.

Wrap your head around this: they put on “meetings” for $25-$30 attendance fee most every month. They want you to pay that so you can go listen to them explain how avoiding a $75 fee for a public safety service is in your best interest. They rather you pay up for an overpriced lunch and walk away feeling like closing 1/3 or 1/2 of your fire stations is an intelligent thing to do.

If you can make sense of that little cult affair, you’re better than I.

In June they had Chief Louder visit one of the sermons. It’s on videotape. Even after clear explanation from a 30 year veteran, Kris Hunt thinks she is smarter on how to deploy emergency resources in the county. That example alone shows how out of touch this Contra Costa Taxpayer group head is. Talks about some alternative service delivery junk but can’t offer a definition for what that means. Suggest that AMR can do it cheaper. When AMR themselves said differently.

Does she have a hearing problem on top of everything else?

Jana A. Aug 20, 2012 - 9:03 am

Bobby – I hate to tell you, but many weeks ago (June/July) Engine 52 offered to take her on a ride along. Engine 54 (now closed) even spent about 45 minutes having a conversation with her and explaining their perspective. Several firefighters at the Fire Board meetings have also discussed topics with her.

But maybe you didn’t know that because you were too busy calling people names. (Plank=Your eye)

burkforoakley Aug 19, 2012 - 5:51 pm


Yes I pick sides, I make no bones about it. I tell it like it is and leave the BS at the door. she may fool others with her fire plans, but I’ve spoken with her on several occasions and she does not have a bad platform (I’ll tell anyone that), but she is dead wrong on fire which is a deal breaker for me.

What answers are you speaking of anyway? That is vague and she has not offered any solution other than putting people at greater risk by leaving engines in stations. That is not a solution, that’s throwing your hands in the air. This call for a change in deployment has occurred on several occasions including a fireboard meeting and a conversation with two battalion chiefs, so stop with the rhetoric.

Your second to last line falls inline with Ms. Pillows trap she finds herself in. She is taking on a District issue and making it about Brentwood. The folks here commenting against her are for a DISTRICT SOLUTIONS, and NOT a Brentwood solution. You can’t throw in that cheap shot in order to have it both ways about District folks claiming to know what is best for Brentwood when its a District issue.

Dee Shoveled Aug 19, 2012 - 5:30 pm


Are you sure you did not miss the turn on your way to the Isle of Brentwood? Typical mentality of those wearing blinders.

No wonder you are stuck in a ditch. If you only knew. ‘Till then enjoy your ignorance-it suits you well.

Jana A. Aug 20, 2012 - 8:50 am

On a personal note, I would love to vote for Carissa Pillows. She is energetic, dedicated, and willing to put herself out there within the politics of Brentwood and try to make change for her community. I have some concerns and reservations regarding her Fire District Platform – which many of you above have already mentioned. My biggest concern is that I watched dedicated men (Helmick, Burris, Gil, Chief Henderson and Joel Bryant) discuss the fire district with her and provide her information on the service delivery model and yet the understanding still doesn’t seem to be resonating.
I applaud her for continuing her education by talking to Vince (why she didn’t think to talk to him before, is abstract to me since she was at the same Fire Board Meetings where he spoke and was in attendance), and I think that she should also have very frank discussions with Leslie Mueller and Pat Frost to understand how the agencies work together.

I’m on the fence, waiting to see.

As a side note to Jill Thompson55 and the Coco Tax minions (Despicable Me) – I have yet to see any of you break down information like Burk does on this site. While I might agree with all of his comments on the issues and/or candidates, I do see him providing facts, and video and links. When I read your comments, all I read is a bunch of spew and scatter. For once, post some good hard data that you can back up and defend (both positive and negative), provide a plan, and tell me how and why.

Jana A. Aug 20, 2012 - 8:56 am

*while I might NOT*

Carissa Pillow, RN CCRN Aug 30, 2012 - 11:43 pm

Dear Mike, and fellow concerned residents of the East Contra Costa Fire District,

I’d like to start out by thanking those of you who offered generous words of support. Regardless of the outcome of my campaign, I will continue to support Brentwood and the Fire District through active participation. My decision to run for Brentwood’s City Council has never been about me, it has always been about my community. I will continue to carry on that spirit of bringing community together as long as I am able.

I want you to know that I find the overall tone of this thread unnecessarily antagonistic. My question to you all is: what are we trying to achieve here? If you truly care about the future of our Fire District, you will strive to control your message and the image that you are painting of the Fire District. I am truly stunned that many of you are willing to be so slanted against a candidate who has tried very hard to be supportive of your efforts. If you look at your leadership, Vince and Gil, never behave in this manner. In fact, Gil has only ever greeted me with a smile, kindness, professionalism and thoughtfulness in his answers. I advise you all to follow their glowing example of how to support the team when you speak with the public.

I refuse to lower my standards to defensiveness. I have done nothing wrong by taking my time to learn industry standard and state my position at the appropriate times. If the voters want a candidate who will be engaged, stay engaged and investigate every agenda issue to the level of granularity; they will vote for me and I will completely accept their decision.

I’d like to point out that to date, not one of you has emailed me or requested time to meet with me. I imagine this has more to do with your city of residence than anything else. I will again extend that offer to each of you. If you would like to meet with me one on one to discuss any issue relevant to the Brentwood City Council, which includes but is not limited to Fire, please email me and I will try to book an appointment within two weeks of the date requested. My email address is: [email protected]. You can also learn more about me on my blog site: http://www.carissapillow.com. I look forward to the opportunity to sit and discuss your concerns.

Good luck on the next ECCFD campaign. I look forward to door knocking with each of you on that campaign as well.


Carissa Pillow, RN CCRN
Candidate for City Council

B-wood Aug 31, 2012 - 12:10 pm

“I refuse to lower my standards to defensiveness.”

Pardon me for pointing out the obvious but your reply was just that……defensive!

Carissa Pillow Aug 31, 2012 - 3:54 pm

I’m sorry that you mistook my tone as defensive. That’s not at all how I feel. I feel wonderful about having participated in the “Yes in S” campaign, giving your group the feedback that I received, and sharing my experience. I actually look forward to helping ECC Fire campaign again with better results. I know there will be better results next time, because you folks are great at what you do and learn from each campaign! As I said before, I am more than happy to meetWork with you. Are you interested in lifting your veil of anonymity and meeting with me, B-Wood? Or is there a reason you must remain anonymous? Nevertheless, my email address is: [email protected]. Feel free to request a meeting.



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