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Brentwood: 66% Want Second Highest Mayoral Vote Getter Appointed to Vacant Council Seat

by ECT

On December 29, the Brentwood City Council will hold a special meeting of the City Council to discuss options of how to fill a vacancy on the City Council created by the election of Joel Bryant as Mayor of the Brentwood.

The City Council was previously provided with options from an application and appointment process to a special election, however, they punted a decision that night in favor of a survey to the public of what they would like to see.

The survey consisted of three alternatives that residents can choose from:

  • Conduct a special election to allow voters to choose a new council member (Approx. cost $200,000)
  • Selection by City Council appointment, consistent with state election law, of the candidate who received the second highest number of votes in the 2020 mayoral race. (No Fiscal Impact)
  • Selection by City Council appointment, consistent with state election law, using an application process that allows any person who is an elector of the City and registered voter to apply. (No Fiscal Impact)

The results show:

  • 66% – appoint the second highest voted Mayoral candidate in the November 2020, election
  • 20% – considering applicants to be interviewed and appointed at a public meeting
  • 14% – call for an all-mail ballot special elections

The survey had just 2,956 participants of the 65,118 residents (4.5%).  The survey also found a total of 275 duplicate votes, missing names or addresses or addresses outside the city limits.

Should the City Council decide to hold a special election, the County Registrar of Voters estimates that the cost will be $3.50 -$5.00 per registered voter for a mail ballot election.

The council, which includes Mayor Bryant, Vice Mayor Johnny Rodriquez and councilmembers Susannah Meyer and Jovita Mendoza appear split on who and how to determine who should be fill the vacant council seat.

Staff Report & Survey Results & Comments
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How to View:
As the City Council Chamber will not be open, the public may both view and participate in the City Council meeting via WebEx at: https://www.brentwoodca.gov/councilmeetingonline

Alternatively, the public may view the meeting via one-way video feed by selecting the video option at the City Council Agendas’ link on the City webpage at www.brentwoodca.gov

Public Comments:
While the County Health order to shelter at one’s place of residence is effective, public comments can also be submitted via e-mail to [email protected] .

Official Election Results

Mayors Race

  • Joel Bryant – 29.34% (9,209)
  • Karen Rarey – 27.46% (8,619)
  • Paul Lafollette – 14.77% (4,634)
  • Ryan Raimondi – 11.61% (3,643)
  • Edward Schuck – 10.16% (3,188)
  • Steve Young – 5.41% (1,698)
  • Brian Carleton – 1.25% (392)

District 1 Race

  • Jovita Mendoza – 28.79% (1,877)
  • Faye Maloney – 25.60% (1,669)
  • Brian Swisher – 24.36% (1,588)
  • Claudette Staton – 21.25% (1,385)

District 3 Race

  • Susannah Meyer – 44.31% (3,609)
  • Indrani Golden – 30.14% (2,455)
  • Olga Vidriales – 25.55% (2,081)

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Common Sense Dec 28, 2020 - 5:22 pm

Again!!!!!!!!!!! 8,619 people voted for Karen Rarey, there were 22,764 people who voted against her in this election. That is all Brentwood needs to understand. Application & appoint and save $200k.

John D Fink Dec 28, 2020 - 5:35 pm

To Common Sense……9,209 people voted for Joel Bryant…there were 22,174 people who voted against him in this election. That says a lot to me as well. Karen belongs in that seat just as much as Joel according to your logic.

John D Fink Dec 28, 2020 - 5:38 pm

To Common Sense…..one more thing…..if we appoint Karen, we are still saving $200,000. Please feel free to respond.

Jg Dec 29, 2020 - 11:06 am

Common sense has none, but does have an agenda. The people have spoken twice. Let’s move on and appoint the next highest vote getter.

Tomas Dec 29, 2020 - 8:41 pm

John, I wonder if you would be saying the same thing if it wasn’t your preferred candidate. It is important to remember consistency in our policies. I don’t know Karen, but if the #2 for the mayor’s race was a terrible person, would you say the same thing? This person is to fill a vacancy for a district. The whole of Brentwood should not speak for one district. There was a lawsuit about that, if you recall.

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