Brentwood: 4 Injured in Fight, 1 Airlifted

File Photo

At 6:20 pm Wednesday, East Contra Costa firefighters and deputies of the Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office responded to Orwood Road for a fight.

According to the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District, they treated four patients with the assistance of AMR. One patient was airlifted to a local hospital after being thrown through a window. Two others were transported by ground ambulance (AMR). A fourth patient did not seek further medical treatment.

As of 8:00 pm, no information has been provided by the Contra Costa County Sheriffs Office. The incident occurred in unincorporated Contra Costa County.

Check back for updates.


  1. There is a certain demographic that I see driving around Antioch and Brentwood, always on they sail foams, speeding, and changing lanes recklessly.

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