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Brentwood: 1-Year-Old Airlifted to Local Hospital After Fall From Second Story Window

by ECT

At 6:42 pm Monday, the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District was dispatched to a report of a child who had fallen from a second story window on Princess Way in the City of Brentwood.

It was reported that the 1-year-old child was in and out of consciousness and firefighters started a medical helicopter.

By 7:04 pm, CALSTAR was landing at a nearby park to transport the child.

By 7:13 pm, CALSTAR lifted and was headed to UC Davis Medial Center

No further updates were available.

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Yo Jul 8, 2019 - 7:53 pm

Pray for the child

Simonpure Jul 9, 2019 - 10:48 am

Pray for the parent(s) to do a better job. No excuse in my humble opinion.

Nick Jul 9, 2019 - 11:38 am

I totally agree. There are too many parents who have no business being a parent. I feel sorry for their kids.

Kristy Jul 10, 2019 - 6:21 am

Sending positive energy to this baby. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. I hope this wasn’t parental neglect

Teri Jul 10, 2019 - 6:49 am

Let’s not judge….let’s just send prayers to all involved.

Ashley Jul 10, 2019 - 7:38 am

Any poster judging these parents during what I’m sure is one of the most horrific times in their lives should be ashamed of themselves!
I do not personally know this family but I do know that it just takes a moments laps in judgment in a busy household for this to happen and change lives forever. It doesn’t make them bad parents, it doesn’t require your rude judgmental comments to make things worse. I hope and pray those commenting this way never have the slightest laps in judgment that results in a tragedy yourself.

Simonpure Jul 10, 2019 - 3:54 pm

The child was only 1. Lock the freaking doors and windows.

Melanie Jul 11, 2019 - 10:16 pm

It’s irresponsible parenting. Anyone who makes excuses is an enabler. Get a clue Ashley. I hope and pray you’re not a parent. And quit telling other people how to comment. Freedom of speech.

Nick Jul 12, 2019 - 10:29 am

This is preventable. By moving furniture away from the window, and placing locks on the windows. Wise up.

Captain save a hoe Jul 11, 2019 - 4:41 pm

The parents are idiots, as a parent you have to be aware of every possible danger especially in the household. If the child stuck a penny in an outlet they would still be idiots. You can’t be this carefree with a one year old, I get everyone is busy and accidents happen and I’m not saying they are bad parents but they dropped the ball on this one.

Simonpure Jul 11, 2019 - 6:00 pm

Indeed Captain

The Dude Jul 16, 2019 - 12:20 pm

My GF and I walked by this family every night… we often commented on how trusting they were of the people who drive on their street, as the kids were all little, 5ish, 4ish, and the tiny one who fell out of the window… several times my GF moved quickly to scoot one of them back onto the sidewalk as a car approached, sometimes one parent would casually stroll out to bring back the 1 1/2 year old, but, generally left the older boy and girl in the street as the car passed by… several months of on and off observing of this behavior was disconcerting to us, as we had both raised kids… then a week ago when the Police (several), Paramedics, and Fire Trucks all screamed past our house as we began our evening walk, we both had a gut feeling on where they were going… just the previous night, Sunday evening, my GF had commented to me that she had a bad feeling something would happen to one of them as the parents really did not seem to pay much attention to them as they played… I said, well, we both leaned on the helicopter side of parenting and we were both raised the opposite of that, with the same freedom these kids had that night, but… we were 9-12 years of age… these three were all under 5ish… so as we approached their house on our walk, we were not surprised to see that was the location of the accident… even less surprised that LifeFlight landed in the park across from our house… we went back home and watched as the paramedics loaded the kid up… it’s been dark in that house since that night… every night, we walk by, hoping the kid turns out ok… but I doubt he will… he is a really cute little guy too… this is all very sad… and yes, the parents should be held accountable for this happening… bad parenting should have consequences… but it won’t…

Nick Jul 16, 2019 - 4:51 pm

That’s not trusting, that’s irresponsible and ignorant.

Daly city Jul 18, 2019 - 6:20 am

I fell from a second story house when I was 5 years old. I survived and may have only suffered a minor concussion. I was actually shoved out the window while playing in the living room by the babysitter. These windows were on the floor of the living room with push out style windows. The babysitter was cleaning up right next to me then bumped into me causing me to fall. I guess even if I had died she would of gotten away Scott free claiming it was an accident or that I jumped from the window. Keep in mind she should have been babysitting me.

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