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Berkeley Police Nab Suspect Fleeing from Antioch Police

by ECT

On April 30th at 3:16 pm, the Berkeley Police Department was notified of police pursuit entering the city from Highway 13.  The Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office helicopter was following a suspect fleeing from a felony crime in the City of Antioch.

The suspect in this case was believed to be headed toward an address in Berkeley and our allied agencies requested our assistance.  After the suspect parked his vehicle in the area south of UC Berkeley campus, several officers responded to the area in search of the suspect—including BPD’s Bike Force.

Bike Force officers quickly spotted the suspect and chased after him as he ran from them on foot.  When Bike Force officers caught-up with the suspect on Dwight Way, they were able to quickly take the suspect to the ground and restrain him in handcuffs

NOTE: In the video, you will also see that a loaded handgun dropped out of the suspect’s fanny pack just as officers took him to the ground.

The suspect, Keenan Hicks-Brown, 23, was arrested on suspicion of resisting arrest and carrying a loaded firearm with a large capacity magazine.


UPDATE Per Antioch Police

On Friday, 4/30/21 at around 2:52 pm, APD Dispatch received a 9-1-1 call reporting an aggravated assault with a motor vehicle in the area of Wilbur Avenue and Cavallo Road. A male was reportedly ramming his Honda into another car occupied by a female. While responding, the caller reported the male was chasing the other car in his Honda. Officer Hughes located the involved vehicles on West 10th and G Streets. He attempted a traffic stop on the Honda, but instead, the driver began fleeing and tried to ram another police vehicle in the area.

Officers pursued the Honda onto westbound Highway 4 and requested assistance from the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office Air Unit (“STARR3”), who immediately launched from Buchanan Field Airport in Concord. APD dispatchers coordinated with STARR3 to take over the pursuit from the air, which allowed our officers to back out.

STARR3 followed the vehicle into Berkeley and contacted the Berkeley Police Department, who had members of their Bike Force in the area. Once the suspect abandoned his vehicle, deputies radioed his location to BPD Bike Force officers, who swooped in for the arrest. Instead of giving up, he decided to start hopping fences, but was NO match for the much faster BPD officers. Just before being detained, the suspect tossed a loaded firearm, with an extended magazine and a scratched-off serial number. The suspect was arrested by Berkeley PD officers and APD will be working with them on prosecution.


  • Charge Code: PC 32310(A) F
    Charge Description: MFG/SALE/ETC LRG CAP MAG
  • Charge Code: PC 148(A)(1) M
    Charge Description: OBSTRUCT/ETC PUB OFCR/ETC
  • Charge Code: PC 25400(A)(2 F
    Charge Description: CCW ON PERSON
  • Charge Code: PC 25400(F) F
    Charge Description: CCW LOADED NOT REG W/DOJ
  • Charge Code: PC 25850(A) F
    Charge Description: CRRY LOAD F/ARM:PUB:S/CIR

Information release by Berkeley Police

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Bigeasy94531 May 3, 2021 - 1:50 pm

Great job officers. Another criminal off the streets. A good day.

Greg May 4, 2021 - 1:41 am

The Berkeley PD should have had a K9 chase the scumbag and take a few hunks out of him for good measure.

Richard May 5, 2021 - 12:58 pm

What about the charges of ramming his car into another vehicle and aggravated assault?

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