Antioch: Vehicle Crashes into Antioch Municipal Reservoir


At 1:04 pm Wednesday , Contra Costa County Firefighters were dispatched to a report of a vehicle into the water at the Lone Tree Golf Course in Antioch.

It was reported that the occupant was out of the vehicle at the time of dispatch in the 4800 block of Golf Course Road.

Upon arrival firefighters say the vehicle struck a tree prior to going through fence and down the embankment towards the water before stopping on the tule while taking out about 30-feet of fence.

The driver told authorities that prior to the crash, he was being chased. Police are investigating the incident.

No other info was readily available.


  1. He was being chased? So, he heads for the water? A great place for his pursuer to catch up with him and trap him. This sounds like total BS.

  2. What the hell is going on here. Everyday we read about this stupid shit. DUI, speeding, texting, head up their ass, gotta stop!!! Is the DMV giving these idiots license’s? Maybe the still have them in crackerjack boxes. These people have no respect for themselves, the safety of others or the law. Lock these idiots up, jeez!!! Also we should give more licenses to illegal’s to go along with their free healthcare, paid for by those of us who can barely pay for our own. This state is getting more F’d by the minute. I hate donald but just maybe he might be right.

    • WTF Trump is right this nation is just to scared to admit it why is it wrong to put America and American citizens before anyone else if there is one starving American man woman or child then we do not have room to give free resources to illegal immigrants

  3. He was being chased by his own demons that told him to drive like the dumbass that he is. Pay for all the property damage you dumb dumb and get a Prius.

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