Antioch: Crash Shuts Down W. 10th Street After Vehicle Strikes Pole


At 2:32 pm Sunday, a vehicle struck a pole in the City of Antioch in the 200 block of W 10th Street at C Street which shut down the roadway.

This was a non-injury crash, however, it took public works nearly an hour to shut off the water due to the location of the valve being under the truck, they had to find a secondary shutoff.

Preliminary info of the crash was while it was raining heavily out, a vehicle pulled out in front of the truck causing him to hit his breaks and do a 180-degree spin to avoid the vehicle thus instead striking the pole and taking out a fire hydrant.

The roadway on W. 10th Street at C Street is expected to be impacted for several hours per Antioch Police and Contra Costa County Fire.


  1. This is close to the fire station! Don’t they have a security camera which would show who was the jerk who cut this truck off? Isn’t there also a security camera at Celia’s?

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