Antioch: Unoccupied Truck Struck by Train on Minaker Drive


At 8:35 am Wednesday, the Antioch Police Department responded to a report of vehicle versus train at Minaker Drive off Wilbu in the City of Antioch.

Shortly after arriving on scene, Antioch Police cancelled all responding fire and AMR units after it was determined that the vehicle was unoccupied and left damaged behind Tri Delta Transits yard along the railroad tracks.

It is unclear if this is a stolen vehicle or the occupant of the vehicle fled prior to being struck by the train. Antioch Police currently have the railroad tracks shut down and are investigating with the railroad company.

Will update if any other information is released.




  1. That truck, some how someone registered it in my name and APD nor DMV nor the railroad police will or can do anything about it. I’ve been a victim of identity theift since 2013 but yet I do everything on my end possible to prove it’s not me, I make idenity reports I jump threw hoops and I still have to pay. When is the justice system going to do their job and crack down on idenity theift? It’s a nightmare and it’s not right that the cops don’t do their job. Finger print it and catch the people. Do your jobs

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