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Antioch: Two Workers Injured After Being Struck by Suspected DUI Driver


At 11:24 am Thursday, the Antioch Police Department responded to a report of a vehicle versus pedestrian crash that injured two people.

The crash occurred in the 3100 block of Garrow Drive in the City of Antioch.

According to preliminary information, a driver suspected of being under the influence of alcohol/or drugs, struck two people (workers) who were working on the side of the roadway on Garrow Drive. A medical helicopter was requested to the scene.  At least one subject sustained a major head trauma while another sustained a hip injury.

It was also being reported that along with the suspected DUI driver, two others were also in the vehicle with him.

No other information was readily available.


    • Probably smokin that damn marijuana.
      They call it dope for a reason. Stuff killed more kids than the North Vietnamese Army.

      • Marijuana hasn’t killed anyone.
        You know what happens when you take too much marijuana?
        You fall asleep.
        Now, on the other hand it has been clearly documented that alcohol kills people.
        (and there are probably 250 places in Antioch where you can buy alcohol)
        There will be no argument that drugs like meth, oxycodone, and fentanyl all kill.
        As for this individual who was behind the wheel, whether it was alcohol or marijuana, they’re both a danger to the user and others.
        Driving while under the influence of anything is wrong.

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