Antioch: Two Accidents at Same Location Hours Apart


The corner of Lone Tree Way and Slatten Ranch Road in Antioch yesterday had two accidents which occurred several hours apart which required first responders.

The first incident involved four-vehicles with two-injured at roughly 5:26 pm which blocked southbound traffic on Slatten Ranch Road from heading into Brentwood. It should be noted that firefighters and AMR were very kind to a young girl who appeared to be okay from the accident, however, the mother was injured. They talked her through what was going on to keep her calm and worry free–it was a pleasant sight to see in this type of accident as they even put her in the front seat of AMR vehilce for a short-period while crews worked and the mother was being loaded into the AMR unit.

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The second accident was reported at 10:18 pm which had an overturned vehicle which ended up in the parking lot between Starbucks and Johnny Carinos.  Crews were on scene for 1-hour and 10-minutes. No word on injuries at this time.

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Photo of second accident provided by Heather Solari.


  1. NO the issue is speed and red light runners. Antioch does not have the manpower to do traffic enforcement. There is a proven link between the number of traffic tickets and accidents. Low traffic tickets, more accidents. Lets face it, is anyone in ECC afraid of getting a ticket for speeding? running a red light? running a stop sign? failing to yield the right of way to a ped? following to close? I can go on and on.

  2. That is why we need traffic light cameras, it works in many cities including San Francisco. The cities also get the revenue from the tickets!!! it’s a win-win!

  3. Had accident in that area on the 23rd my car is totaled. Im injured so was my passenger. We both claimed our lights were green. Coinsadence unlikely

  4. A lot of cities are doing away with red light tickets as well as many being thrown out of court. I pray for more officers but it looks like that isn’t going to happen.

  5. I’m totally guilty of speeding and driving most of the time over the posted speed limit, but nothing excessive and not putting people at risk and in danger. There are so many RED light runners, and I mean RED, not yellow turning RED all on Lone Tree. Biggest offenders is right by In-N- Out/Home Depot. One night the light turned Red before I cleared the intersection and the car behind me followed me through and a cop did get him. Thankful it was not me. However I am one of those people that GO when the lights turn green but I always will look and double look for the idiots that come flying through and you know I lay on my horn and make them feel like the biggest idiots.

  6. It is the wild west in Antioch. You can do over 100 mph on Lonetree and have a ridculously low chance of getting a ticket.

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