Antioch Trio Arrested for Attempted Burglary of $1,100 Worth of Alcohol from Vacaville Target

Photos provided by Vacaville Police

The Vacaville Police Department reported that three Antioch residents attempted to steal over $1,100 worth of alcohol at the Vacaville Target on Friday afternoon.

Jade Jenkins 20, Kelvhan Mouton 20 and Joy Thomas 21, all of Antioch were placed under arrest for burglary and conspiracy for their failed attempt at stealing alcohol.

According to Police, the trio entered the store filling tote bags with alcohol and made their move to the emergency exit where loss prevention was waiting. They then entered the store where they split up where officers say shoppers assisted law enforcement in locating the individuals.

Information provided by Vacaville Police


    • Everyone from Oakland or Richmond are not Ghetto nor a Hood rat. What should be said with the young adults that leave Vacaville and go to other cities to do dumb shit. It doesn’t matter where they came from, they did something that will change their lives. Now I’m from Oakland and raise my children to believe if you do stupid shit you will suffer the consequences. Young adults think they know everything. It bite them in the ass sorry 4 them.

    • What make you any different! Dummy that comment was Ghetto and stupid! I seen bitches and honkeys in the suburbs worst than the hood if you want me to get technical but the difference is you never look at what goes on in your own backyard too busy worrying about these streets. That part. Keep yo mouth shut Vacaville has a ghetto too like every city and state in America and race has nothing to do with it.

  1. While I applaud the efforts of all involved in stopping this heist… can see by the insolent one with a smile on her face that they know they will be out in no time to try again. Thanks to those bleeding hearts out there that have watered down an already laxed penal system this is just the tip of the iceberg and will only get worse….sad, just sad.

  2. What do you mean? I watched a dude fill his cart full of diapers and booze at Safeway in Antioch and walk right out. Not one person tried to stop him

  3. Pretty soon, no more stores to shop in. Retailers will not afford to remain open and too much liability for danger to employees. Really sad, what California has become.

  4. Lot of comments steered towards more racism as usual and you people are the same ones that would be scared to say anything to them. Not just black people live in the ghetto not just black people in the sycamore neighborhood not just black people are from Richmond or Oakland you white trash idiots will never learn, now if they was white and did that the comment section would be empty but you trumpers can’t wait to have the opportunity to bash black people online because you fucking pussies are the same ones that cross the street when you see one coming or don’t get out the car at the ATM when you see a black person already there. Stop being keyboard warriors you coward fucks

  5. Here is that I would do with these people who stole $1,100.00 worth of liquor. Divide the bottles into three batches and make each of them drink every drop in one sitting! Just stand there and watch them chug-a-lug every drop! Let’s just hope the liquor was high proof!

    • So murder them Lola? What you’re advocating would lead to alcohol poisoning and murder. You’re a joke

  6. Maybe this incident will prompt Kamala and AOC to write a bill similar to the bill below to help them out with there alcohol consumption, they should not have to steal it.

    Harris, Ocasio-Cortez Introduce Bill to Provide People with Criminal Records A Fair Chance at Housing

  7. The reality is tha some of you fine folks who more the likely do not have the information to back up your bold, yet clearly uninformed comments, as i hesitate to say ‘ignorant’ for theres no need for any of that kind of contagious verbal hate spreading.
    Now these are young adults whom the juvenile justice system failed.
    The contra Costa county system of law be it juvenile, adult & child welfare is beyond outta control with its county & system wide corruption from the judges , law enforcement as well as the probation department & social workers employed here.
    The county places funding in their pockets & cousions the employees with praise & advancement for providing minimal actual services to detour or redirect the young lives that it steps into.
    Not every youth is one that will grasp the rehabilitation they need when they need it but if we keep on ignoring & allowing the county & its violation & perversion of the laws to continue at some point the consequences will be felt by innocent bystanders who are not innocent when we stand by an allow our youth to be taught that it dont matter what you do wrong if you have money & a position of authority the laws change for you.
    Locking up a teen in juvenile hall facility does not help a child grow by the time there released months later.
    This county is severly growing ‘inmates’ to graduate to adult court. The public defenders do not look to represent the youth they only look to move through a court day as quick as possible & the facts involved are never a priority or concern.
    This countu needs serious overall ; its bad enough the silence that is kept while people like Judge Hardie who was up for recall for mishandling juvenile & child welfare court cases but relocated to adult court to keep from facing the charges being made against her.
    Now when a Judge is bound to protect the best interest of a minor but purposely ignores proven facts & sends that minor to the streets to die after telling her shes there to help her; God save her & this county.
    The juveniles in contra costa actually have alot of heart & loyalty to one another & if guided could rise above the generationally passed on sense of complacency & get what i want quick& now mentality.
    We as adults are allowing the things tbat are wrong here to continue& it does not start with giving more authority to the county or its egodriven employees.
    It comes from standing up for each other against the violation an corruption of law & showing our youth the LAW DOES MATTER , THAT THERE IS JUSTICE IN THE RIGHT ACTIONS , WILLINGNESS TO WORK TOGETHER TO CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE TEACHING THEM THEIR VOICE& VIEWS DO MATTER…
    As long as we let the law be distorted for the authorities who misuse it we gain no respect from the youth& they will see only that laws dont really matter so why worry about em.
    Not something that i want the next generation to continue to nuture & pass down thats for sure.
    I pray for these youngsters& their families bcus 1 step back in this county can cost you more then your life but your whole future. #stopjusticeabuse #helpyouthrise #cccountycorrupts

  8. Racisim is ignorance.

    If you think only one color or type of person steals, you are dead wrong. I was a loss prevention agent and EVERY type of person steals.

    The truth is that when blacks commit crime it gets put in the news because it unfortunately is popular with people living in the suburbs, it gives you a false sense of safety that you don’t live in low income neighborhoods.

    The truth is it is hard growing up in low income neighborhoods and poverty. Color has nothing to do with it.

    That’s like saying only WHITE people are pedophiles. Look in the news. When there is a shooting or robery, the news will show it if thwy are black. If there is a pedophile it will be a white person. The truth is every color does everything, but the news portrays it only a certain way.

    • I worked LP for years at Bay Fair Wards. And various Emporiums in San Jose area.
      Wards- high black shoplift suspect.
      Emporium Eastridge- high hispanic suspect. Valco cupertino was asian and white.
      Cala foods SF was the united nations of shoplifters.
      The Demographic has alot to do with the ethnicity of the suspects.
      But keep in mind bad guys (and girls) have vehicles to do thier dirk.

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