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Antioch Rotary Club Host Successful Bunny Hop 5K Race

by ECT

On Saturday, the Antioch Rotary Club hosted their 4th Annual Bunny Hop 5k which had more than 350 runners participate in the event.

Some of the participants included runners from local high schools, the Antioch SWAT team from eh Antioch Police Department, Antioch City Manager Ron Bernal, Antioch Director of Parks & Recreation Nancy Kaiser and Antioch City Councilwoman Monica Wilson.

The 5K event included a kids run where kids ran against Antioch Police Chief Tammany Brooks. There was also many vendors along with the Easter bunny and turtle.

The money raised from this event is put into Scholarships and Programs for the Antioch Unified School District!

Note – the 354 number is those that had actually competed in the race, more than 420 people signed up.

For more photos of the event: https://www.facebook.com/antiochrotaryclub/

Top 10 Overall

  1. Nicolas Lewis (16 of Discovery Bay) – 17:19.5
  2. Kyle Stoffregren (16 of Discovery Bay) – 17:43.1
  3. Anthony Portillo (17 of Brentwood) – 17:59.4
  4. Johnnie Sanders (23 of Pittsburg) – 18:15.2
  5. James Woolery (14 of Brentwood) – 18:29.9
  6. Sid Valdez (16 of Antioch) – 18:38.9
  7. Dustin Needham (35 of Oakley) – 19:05.7
  8. Hunter Phillips (16 of Antioch) 19:11.0
  9. Jahnathon Larson (37 of Antioch) – 19:56.6
  10. Andrew Tschaplizki (27 of Brentwood) 20.17.1

Top 3 Female Racers

  1. Sher Butler (26 of Pittsburg) – 21.14.3 (17 overall)
  2. Marcie Torres (26 of Pittsburg) – 22:14.2 (23 overall)
  3. Samantha Green (16 of Antioch) – 23:09.5 (30 overall)

Full results: https://runsignup.com/Race/Results/21615/#resultSetId-150974;perpage:10

For more information on the Antioch Rotary Club, visit www.antiochrotaryclub.com. The club meets each Thursday at 12:15 pm at the Lone Tree Golf Course and Event Center located at 4800 Golf Course Road Antioch.

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