Antioch Preparing for Emergency Shelter Zoning Amendment for Homeless Trailers, RV Parking


The City of Antioch is preparing to move forward with the Emergency Shelter Zoning Amendment on multiple properties within the city. The hearing is set for June 3, 2020.

According to the notice, the city is seeking to modify its Zoning Ordinance as “emergency shelter” to also include recreation vehicle parks and alternative shelters. It would also include alternative development and operational standards for emergency shelters as well as the zoning designation.

The full agenda will be released on Friday (May 29) with more background. By approving zoning amendment, it will allow the City of Antioch to place its 5 homeless trailers it received from the state on a city owned property. There is also discussion that additional locations could be added to the list before it goes to city council — including Lone Tree Way near the community center as well as on Deer Valley across from Safeway.

Currently, the city is proposing the changes to the following areas which notices have only gone out to residents within 300 feet of the current properties:

  1. Fitzuren Road: APN 067-342-013, 067-342-002, and 067-342-001.
  2. 301 W 10th Street: APN 067-080-038
  3. 615 A Street: APN 066-162-038, 007
  4. Fulton Shipyard Road: APN 065-020-002


The Planning Commission of the City of Antioch will hold a public hearing to review this proposal at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 3, 2020.

Written statements in favor of or in opposition to these matters may be submitted electronically to the Secretary to the Planning Commission at the following email address up until 3:00 the day of the meeting: [email protected].  All comments received before 3:00 pm the day of the meeting will be provided to the Planning Commissioners at the meeting.  Please refer to the Planning Division’s website for instructions on how to comment after 3:00 the day of the meeting and during the Planning Commission meeting:


    • If they are insisting on Downtown being ruined, How about using the city hall parking lot.
      Seriously, why are the leaders looking for answers to what will work here when they should just ask Danville, San Ramon, Dublin what they do with homeless in their areas? I’m sure parking a bunch of them in residential areas is answer.
      Please email your leaders

    • If they are insisting on Downtown being ruined, How about using the city hall parking lot.
      Seriously, why are the leaders looking for answers to what will work here when they should just ask Danville, San Ramon, Dublin what they do with homeless in their areas? I’m sure parking a bunch of them in residential areas is NOT the answer.
      Please email your leaders

  1. Absolutely not!! The location near senior housing. Dangerous situation. Across from Safeway!!!!

  2. Who let this happen? This homeless stuff is getting out of control. Do residents even have an opinion anymore?

    • I work on Wilbur Ave and its so disgusting. Cars are being stripped down and motors, car parts, dogs, trash and so much more. With only 1 restroom n hand washing station nothing for the over whemling amount of trash and tweeker crap everywhere especially in front of a vineyard. This is too much.

  3. Where has brentwood put their homeless? Antioch? Guess they can just walk across the street to Safeway now and steal their food safeway already had them stealing so bad had to rearrange the store Antioch needs to wake up we have enough problems in this town. Here is a idea you city council members put a trailer on your side yard of your house and you help them I’m sick of it. Time to move!

    • That’s awful and several of these comments talk about what would Danville do with their homeless or Walnut Creek do with there own homeless? Answer is WE DONT! We simply do not stand for it as soon as we see homes less people they have to pack up and leave!:( Where they go? I don’t know but the truth of the matter our City’s with a lot of money don’t deal with the homeless?!

  4. Because people here vote for anything with a (D) in front of it makes it hard to get any real change with this homeless issue. All ideas now come from video conferencing from the DNC. That goes for the School Board as well. The Mayor here is a cuckold too, which doesn’t help.

    • I didn’t vote for this bunch in the first place. I smelled rats right away while they ran their campaigns.

  5. All downtown locations.

    What a joke. Rivertown. Gateway to the delta. How about the parking lot at the golf course or water park?

    • How about running them out of town. I’m sick of seeing them everywhere I go. All they do is suck money out of the system. What about the rest of us that have done everything right and we pay our property taxes.

  6. Let’s see, I can count on one hand better places then in residential neighborhoods.
    K Mart patking lot on 18th. Orchard Supply parking lot on Buccanan. Food Maxx parking lot on Delta Fair. All completely EMPTY. Those locations have hook ups, water, sewer, electrical and able to put garbage dumpsters as well.
    We can put them in the big driveways of our disconnected leaders of this fine city too.
    Enough is enough. Get these dirt bags out of the city government.

  7. Why not build a mental facility, give it a grocery store name and advertise free alcohol & food. Then when they walk in they get snatched up and admitted to get the help they really need and off OUR streets!

  8. No….no….NO! Trying to improve downtime and give residents a reason to come down. Smith’s Landing, El Campanil, Rivertown Sweets, Rick’s, Guadalajara, the new Riverfront Lodge….the Delta Blues festival. And now a huge homeless camp. Congratulations, city leaders. Imaginative. Set up authorized locations, like the HUGE , empty, KMart lot and building ( restrooms, maybe shower and laundry with a some retrofitting) . But definitely not near senior facilities and youth facilities and businesses. Across from Skippolini’s? Bull. Across from Safeway? Nonsense. Make them move

    • Skipolini is leaving Antioch for Oakley . . . there will be an exodus of more businesses leaving Antioch! Nice work, Antioch City Council, nice work!

  9. To reward Joy Motts for her poor behavior, lets include the Beede Lumber Yard so she can look at them from her house. Shame on all of these people.

  10. Lets place these trailers in the trustees subdivisions, Ridiculous! Well it’s real simple when it comes to a vote please remember who voted in favor of placing the trailer to their new location. We as a community need not be complacent, remember we voted them in we have the power of voting them out. We all feel for the homeless but there has to be a common sense approach, they can’t be an eyesore and they need to be out of public view. Return the trailers if it’s causing such discontent. I agree downtown Antioch is looking pretty shabby. My family and I don’t go any where close North of downtown Antioch. It unfortunate that our elected leaders aren’t seeing the negative changes that we see.

  11. There’s still gobs of open land in this state. Time for a state run bum city in the middle of nowhere where they can all be watched and provided for by their nanny.

  12. Antioch is now losing SKIPOLINI’s which is relocating to OAKLEY . . and more businesses will follow. I’m so disgusted with Antioch, that I drive out of town to go shopping. If and when this city’s council gets it’s act together, I will return.

  13. How predictable from our newest council members. The first thing Joy Motts did when she got into office was vote herself a huge pay raise. Then, she recommended that Antioch pay $500,000 for a committee to “study” the homeless problem. I guess our $500,000 bought us homeless in our neighborhoods. Thanks Joy, Lamar and all the rest of you.

  14. Not all homeless are bad people some of us are down on our luck. Iam a part of that on wilbur i do not like it anymore than you iam homeless due to illegal eviction w no justice anywhere and rent is so f*!,$’ing high that its almost impossiable even if i could afford it no one will rent to someone evicted for non payment of rent when i doubt that is not the case. My husband works to support us i dont mooch so before you all are quick to judge think differant

    • Than why don’t you clean up around the fucking area. You guys want to stay there, but it looks like a dump. There are broke stripped down cars and trash everywhere. Be fucking decent human beings and clean up your shit

  15. It seems the “do gooders” are running the show with no common sense. Sure, we house the homeless in trailers, tents, hotel rooms, WHERE EVER. What happens in a year? What happens when the homeless start having children in the camps??? What happens when medical services are needed??? WHO pays for it all???
    The TAX PAYERS!!! It wouldn’t be so bad if the homeless did something besides degrade Society.

    You want a hand out, earn it! Instead of bringing SO MUCH TRASH to a site, they should be PICKING UP TRASH. How about graffiti removal? If “we” are going to support them, they should be REQUIRED to give back at a minimum. What is wrong with making them EARN our support??? The city of SF spends MILLIONS each year for “homeless projects”. Spends MILLIONS on street cleaning…. Turn the homeless into a cleaning brigade. Pick up 100lbs of trash, you get room and board at a STATE facility. You do nothing, you get nothing.

    Sounds fair to me, a TAX PAYER.

    The “Golden State” gets trashier, the World goes down the tubes and we are worried about homeless people that are part of OUR problem.

  16. The City owned facilities at Fulton Shipyard Road are NOT vacant, the City operates a trash transfer station there and has at least three active tenants on this site. I am a member of the Antioch Model Railroad Club using the former Sewage Treatment Plan Admin Building as a tenant, so we use the parking and the building from 2 to 4 days a week and two weekends a year. We are currently Sheltered in Place.

    I could NOT get the email address [email protected] to work, I tried twice.

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