Antioch Police Arrest Arson Suspect After Trying to Set House on Fire


At 3:37 pm Wednesday, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded to a report of a male inside a home attempting to light a home on fire in the 4000 block of Country Hills Drive in the City of Antioch.

While responding, it was reported the male was in the garage and refusing to leave the home while attempting to set a fire. While units were responding, the male suspect fled the scene. Police arrived on scene and stated the fire was extinguished. CONFIRE firefighters arrived on scene and confirmed no active fire and upon further investigation, determined there was no extension into the home.

A short time later, the suspect was taken into custody after being located several homes away. Police confirmed he was being held on arson charges and possibly under the influence of a controlled substance.

No other information was provided.


  1. Terrifying. I feel so sad for the officers who are having to do this without PPE. Awful for the residents in that area, awful for everyone.

  2. Too stupid and lazy to set a fire? I am sure that there is some BLM injustice bull crap involved here. He is a great man and was targeted for his skin color

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  4. I am glad a person allegedly responsible for setting a fire was identified and arrested. He should face his day in court for whatever crime the facts and evidence dictate. As a professional fire investigator, that is all I see. Race, age, type of clothes, hairstyle, weight, height, financial status or where and how they live has nothing to do with it. The responsible person is simply that, the person that allegedly set a fire. Anyone that adds the other details into the mix for anything other than identification, is simply not necessary and tends to show racism. Someone is not arrested for no good reason, probable cause needs to exist before an arrest can be made. Let the system work and stop bashing the people doing their job just because the person arrested is a certain race.

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