Antioch Police, Sacramento County Sheriffs Office Respond to Replica Firearm Calls, Different Outcomes

Photo by Antioch Police

Earlier this week, the Antioch Police Department released images of what appeared to be a firearm in a subjects hand. The call came in of a male appearing to be holding a handgun at passing vehicles.

Police responded and were able to get the person to drop the item which was not a firearm and it was determined the man was suffering form mental health issues.  Officer Witaker was the responding officer and used his Crisis Intervention Training and de-escalation training to resolve this incident and provide this man with the help he needed.

However, Friday, Sacramento County Sheriffs Office released video footage of a male who had what was believed to be a firearm. The subject did not comply with deputies commands and ultimately opened fire at him after he pointed the object at deputies.

Upon inspection of the object the suspect pointed at deputies numerous times, it was determined to be an ignition timing gun that had been altered to look identical to a firearm.

Here is the video footage and press release via the Sacramento County Sheriffs Office:


On September 5, 2020 at approximately 7:10 p.m. the Sheriff’s Communications Center received a call from the 10400 block of Investment Circle, located in the City of Rancho Cordova. The caller stated an adult male at that location vandalized a fence and stole a water hose. The caller provided a description of the male and indicated the male appeared to have what he described as a toy gun in his waistband.


Deputies arrived and saw the suspect walking towards them. They immediately began giving him commands. The suspect did not follow the deputies’ commands and instead laid down on the ground without being told. While deputies continued commands, the suspect all of a sudden stood up and began running away from the deputies. As he ran, he pointed a black object at them, which they perceived to be a firearm.


When the suspect reached the corner of a business, he again turned and pointed the object at deputies as they pursued him through the parking lot. When a deputy re-acquired sight of the suspect, the suspect again pointed the object at him. The deputy fired his weapon at the suspect, but did not hit him. The deputy followed the suspect while he maintained positions of cover behind pillars.


Additional deputies arrived and continued to give verbal directives to the suspect. The suspect raised his arm and pointed the object directly at deputies. Four deputies fired their duty weapons at the suspect simultaneously, injuring him.


The suspect was transported to an area hospital. Upon inspection of the object the suspect pointed at deputies numerous times, it was determined to be an ignition timing gun that had been altered to look identical to a firearm.


The suspect, 22-year-old Miguel Hernandez, was treated for his injuries and subsequently released from the hospital. He was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail on charges related to pointing a firearm at a peace officer. He has since been released from custody.

The material being released has been identified as significant to this incident and includes radio traffic and in-car camera video.


All videos being released have been minimally redacted to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of those involved. Audio redactions are signified by muted audio with no accompanying sound. This is an active investigation. The information provided in this video release is preliminary and subject to change as investigators learn more.




  1. Very misleading article. While the Antioch case had a successful outcome, meaning no one was injured, and the officer should be given credit for that, the circumstances are not known. For instance the subject may not have pointed the replica gun at the officer or threatened him in any way.

    At the same time the Sacramento deputies may not of had the opportunity to “de-escalate” the situation as the subject began pointing the replica firearm at them as he was being pursued.

    Replica firearms are a problem and can not be immediately identified. What the subject does with it has the greatest affect on the outcome.

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