Antioch Police Chief Engages with Protesters Event Ends in Prayer


On June 3, 2020 during a protest in the City of Antioch, Police Chief Tammany Brooks came down to engage with the group of individuals who wanted to be heard.

After much dialogue, the chief told him his story about his father being a 3 strike felon, he was a high school drop out and didn’t let circumstance define him. As you see later in the video, the event ended with a group prayer.

The event ended peacefully.


  1. Chief Brooks, I personally met you on a few occasions when I attended your APD Citizen’s Academy. I will say that all you said during that period, I partially agreed with, but after forethought I realized I and I alone was wrong. You speak volumes to the community and to each and every citizen. You speak with, alot have forgotten, heart. You hear every good and mostly bad, listen, understand and make the nessicary change for to COMMUNITY. Good or bad, in others eyes, to get the message through. Antioch is bad, in some sectors, but without the leader you have been, it could have been worse. You solely have brought Antioch back together. I wish you the best, in these painstaking times, and lead us further in the peaceful future.
    You are a true renaissance Chief.
    God Speed.
    **Mic Drop Out**

  2. He’s MOVIE STAR handsome. He should consider a career in show business when he retires. He’s photogenic and can express himself beautifully. i sent this video to some of the people I worked with in Hollywood. Let’s see what happens.

  3. A group of people called me asking if they could try to get Chief Brooke to come down to Los Angeles and run their police department. They offered to triple his pay, but I told them I doubt he’d take it. Well, nice try, Los Angeles.

  4. Why doesn’t anybody address the fact that APD just recently hired officer MICHAEL MELLONE, the SFPD cop who resigned from his position before being suspended for needlessly shooting a homeless man in SF? A straight up coward. Besides the fact that everyone wants to praise this Chief for praying with people and looking handsome, it’s a fact that you hired a murderer that was already being investigated. You should be ashamed.

    • P.s. Despite all appearances I don’t hate cops, I just think all people should be held accountable at all levels of society.

    • Pastor Maynard, do everyone a favor and do a minimal amount of research before you make such a wild and inaccurate statement. First of all, the shooting occurred in 2015. The man shot was actively trying to stab an officer. The shooting was investigated and the officer was cleared of wrong doing. The officer applied to transfer to APD in 2019 and SFPD reopened the shooting investigation (a tactic a department might use to keep GOOD officers from leaving by tying them up in an internal affairs investigation).

      They did not find the shooting was “needless” like you claim, but only that he had committed a policy violation by not staging an ambulance near by (even tho there was a fire station a block away). They recommended he be suspended for the violation, not for the shooting, but he had already accepted a position with APD.

      My question to you is why would you willfully spread this misinformation? Why do you chose to participate in an online echo chamber that cares more about alleged scandal than actual truth. You call the officer a coward from behind your keyboard and say he should be ashamed. But the only coward here is you.

      I look forward to you retracting your statement and urging people to share the real story of what happened. But I’m sure you won’t because you’re too busy being jealous that people are calling chief Brooks handsome.

  5. Goof job T. Building the connection, building relationships, keeping the conversation up! Awesome!
    Also thank you to Velma for speaking to Chief’s efforts…she was speaking about what so many of us see and know. Keep on, keeping on!

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