Antioch Police Capture One of Douglas County’s Most Wanted Fugitives



On Friday March 21, the Antioch Police Department working with the US Marshall’s Service arrested David Gomez who was considered one of Douglas County, NV, most wanted felons. He was bit by a K-9 dog while trying to evade arrest.

It was stated that Gomez was believed to be staying with friends of his girlfriend in Antioch. Police set up a perimeter around the home because they believe he would try and run, and that is what happened. The police K-9 was released and helped capture Gomez.

According to the Record-Courier out of Nevada,  last October, while out of custody, Gomez left the Minden courthouse just before the proceedings where he was being arraigned on charges of trafficking, habitual felon and possession of a dangerous weapon. When he was taken into custody, deputies reportedly found 27.9 grams of methamphetamine, empty plastic bags, a switchblade, a pay notebook and $457.

Gomez has a lengthy criminal history and multiple failures to appear.

He spent 3-1/2 years in prison before being released in November 2012. Gomez has served two prior prison terms for selling methamphetamine, and eluding a peace officer who believed Gomez was trying to run him over with a van.


  1. I wonder why criminals seem to magnetically be drawn to Antioch. Maybe they feel comfortable with all the liberals in this city.

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