Antioch Police Arrest Man on Suspicion of DUI After Striking Pole

Photos by Bay News Video
At around 6:45 pm Thursday, Antioch Police responded to a report of a vehicle versus pole on Lone Tree Way in front of InShape Gym in the City of Antioch.
It was reported that a male was trapped in his vehicle and extrication was required. Upon arrival, firefighters located a male who was self-extricated and complaining of chest pain.
According to police, by striking the pole, it prevented him from going over the center divide and into oncoming traffic and potentially causing more damage or possibly a fatal head-on crash.
The driver was taken to the hospital where he will be evaluated and then arrested for suspicion of drunk driving. Police located a paper cup with alcohol in it on the center console of the vehicle.
Photos and information provided by Art Ray, Bay News Video


  1. Hwy. Getting horrible to drive any concern is that never appears any force police.people racing ,driving 70 mph.and up.

  2. It wouldn’t be bad if they drove at 70 mph. What I see is many driving 80 and close to 90 mph and texting at the same time. It’s horrible out there. Then, if you drive on the city streets, you get red-light and stop-sign runners. No place is safe anymore! What a shame!

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