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Antioch Mayor Melanoma Free

by ECT

Antioch Mayor James Davis announced during his opening remarks of the Cancer Society’s Relay for Life that he was currently undergoing treatment for Melanoma. He announced today via Facebook that the cancer was removed and is now cancer free.

The Mayors mole was confirmed by regular biopsy on June 1 and surgery was done June 20th. After 14 stitches were removed yesterday, he was given official results that he was cancer free and given a new lease on life.

“Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes, and thanks to my family, friends and my Father in Heaven,” said Davis via Facebook post.

He credits his wife who noticed a new mole on the side of his neck that was irregular and a different color—he credits her for saving his life. He also credits her for saving many lives by spotting suspicious moles and freckles on her clients after seeing them weekly and has sent them to their doctor.

“Moral to the story is use sun screen and wear a hat whenever possible,” stated Mayor Davis.

Davis, who took part in the Relay For Life event on June 23-24, stated it meant a lot to him since he had a scare with Melanoma.  He was proud that the event raised over $100,000.00.

According to Wikipedia, Melanoma is less common than other skin cancers. However, it is much more dangerous if it is not found early. It causes the majority (75%) of deaths related to skin cancer. About 48,000 melanoma related deaths occur worldwide per year.

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