Antioch Mayor Calls on Lamar Thorpe to Denounce Shagoofa Khan’s Actions

Press Release


Antioch – Referring to a sign making party Facebook video post in preparation for a protest today in Antioch, Mayor Sean Wright expressed outrage over a sign highlighted in the video which says “I’m Sean Wright” and depicts people in Klan hoods wearing swastikas.

The post was made by Shagoofa Khan, member of the Richmond group Together We Stand and supporter of Wright’s opponent, Lamar Thorpe. In the video (see link below), Khan pans to the sign with the klan hoods and swastikas saying “Her’s is really nice.”

“I support all peaceful protest against all forms of racism, but blasting me with drawings of hooded klan members and swastikas is absolutely uncalled for,” said Wright, who is in the middle of his campaign for re-election as Antioch Mayor.

“This has gone way too far,” Wright added.

Khan is prominently featured in Thorpe’s campaign brochure entitled “Leadership that Listens” as one of the women leaders supporting his campaign.

Wright calls on Thorpe to IMMEDIATELY denounce Khan’s actions. “If my opponent is listening and promoting individuals who condone the use of klan garb and swastikas, that says a lot about his character.” Wright stated. “I am extremely concerned for the future of Antioch.”

Today’s protest march to Dismantle White Supremacy is scheduled to begin at 4 PM at City Park in Antioch (1050 A Street) with a march to the Antioch Police Department (300 L Street).

FB Video Link:

Editors Note: an email has been sent to Councilmember Lamar Thorpe asking if he would denounce the actions.


  1. I will not vote for Lamar Thorpe, even though I did last election. Thorpe and his idiot conspirators should be ashamed of themselves.
    It’s bad enough that a candidate running for president lies, insults, and is even trying to win the election by turning the USPS into a tool for him to win, which is illegal and unconstitutional.
    Now even our local elected leaders are employing trump’s tactics, shredding our constitution, mocking the voters, and resorting to lying and ridicule because there is no substantial platform to stand upon.

    Time for a complete change of guard, and Thorpe, I will not be voting for you!

    • I’m voting Trump but not Thorpe, no comparison between the two. Thorpe could not merit licking Trump’s boots, in my opinion.

      • Wait..he’s going to “grab” you. We should expect more…Trump ain’t it. Biden isn’t all that either,but a least not outwardly bigoted…let’s get back to “regular racist”America.

      • Jg, maybe YOU should go back to elementary school and learn the different between words like “your” and “you’re” (you are).

      • Jg, maybe YOU should go back to elementary school and learn the difference between words like “your” and “you’re” (you are).

    • I never voted for him because I could smell a conniver miles away. . . I warned people about that … and I was proven right! Now, they are bitching about him when I told them so beforehand.

  2. Phil.

    Get a clue. Stop your addiction to welfare and turn off CNN. Trump will win by a landslide because hardworking americans want to be heard and continue to drain the swamp.

    • Why do People like Trump?
      Everything Trump gets involved in financially ends up in bankruptcy or buried in debt.
      People who work for Trump frequently get really screwed.
      His associates are regularly found guilty of committing felony crimes.
      He commits fraud against charities and embezzles money from them on a regular basis.
      People who are loyal to him get thrown under the bus at the first sign of trouble he’s loyal to nobody except Trump.
      Anything Trump tells you has a high probability of being a lie.
      If he doesn’t like you he will make every effort and spare no expense trying to ruin your life.
      On a personal level he’s a fat ugly slob with really bad manners.
      His hair looks the pelt of some road kill animal.
      He paints his face with some weird orange shit that he thinks looks like sun tan.
      He cheats at Golf and everything else for that matter.
      He looks at young women, even his own daughter as a piece of meat he’d like to f*ck.
      He can barely form a complete sentence when he speaks and repeats broken bits of sentences over and over again usually making little to no sense at all.
      He knows nothing about history or it’s importance.
      He has no respect for people who sacrifice their lives for other people.
      He worships dictators and authoritarian leaders who treat their citizens like shit.
      And the list of negatives goes on for ever.
      Why would anybody be so attracted to this walking pile of human garbage that they would want him to be the leader of the greatest nation on earth?

      • Knock off the BS, Mark! Trump owns 800 corporations and 4 of them went into bankruptcy. He never had a personal bankruptcy.

        You want him to look at OLD, DECREPIT WOMEN?

        At least, unlike you, Trump has hair! Jealous or envy is not good!

        What do YOU put on your face? Something you scrape up from your toilet bowl? Or what you pick up after walking your dog?

        • OMG, Grace! You really socked it to him! Way to go! I guess ‘cat got his tongue’ or fingers!

      • Mark, I personally don’t really like TRUMP, but I like what he did the 4 years he’s been in office and I’m voting for him again along with what I’m listing here:

        The Second Amendment. The next Supreme Court Justice. To retain the Electoral College. To support our POLICE and law and order. To support our MILITARY and our VETERANS. The right to speak my opinion and not be censored. To SECURE OUT BORDERS. To keep the CENTRAL AMERICAN HORDES out of this country. To keep murderous MUSLIMS out.

        I’m not just voting for one person. I’m voting for the FUTURE OF MY COUNTRY!

      • You don’t want TRUMP? Then tell the left to stop passing stupid laws, stop taxing the poor and stop trampling on our rights. YES stomping on our 2A is trampling our rights. Once the 2nd is abolished they will come for your 1A.

        Give us a better candidate. Both Kamala AND Biden have both been proven liars as well. We have NO good candidate to choose. This Country is already at war with itself.

        Corporate greed and corruption have taken control of both sides. Now it is corporations at war over who will lead the next tax cuts or increases. Or who is the better candidate for eliminating the middle class and pushing the 1% higher.

        Wake up! Fight for our rights, both sides love the gender and race divide we are facing. That keeps us busy fighting each other than fighting the actual people behind the system.

        Embrace each other regardless of sex, religion, race. Come together as a people. What scares the corporate overlords and corrupt politicians the most? The people…. Coming together as one.

        • The majority (99%) or the corporate giants are LEFTISTS which embrace and finance far leftist causes.

      • Thank you for showing how the swamp can ruin your reputation and how Trump fights back. I challenge you to read articles written about Trump before his announced run at President (not hit pieces, but honest journalism) to see how the man was viewed before he had power to take on the swamp. He is just as flawed as past Presidents but he is and will continue to be the only candidate that will put the people above the swamp.

  3. Shagoofy is an idiot. Thorpe, Motts, Housedummy and Gardner must be defeated. These people are all about hate and no good for Antioch. BLM

    • In your support of BLM, who are the best candidates in that regard? I went to high school with Householder’s brother but know nothing about her. What are your criticisms?

  4. The Young girl in this picture has no idea why she is making that sign, she has been influenced by radical thoughtless and militant ideology. Somebody put that shit in her head and it should be denounced by all who were involved with allowing that sort of thing to be used in any campaign effort.

    • I think that kid is part of that small mob of 12 who held a “hunger strike” in front of the APD station for a few days which fizzled out fast. They were cheating! A bunch of us saw them sneak into their cars and eat there.

      I suggest the next time someone breaks into their hovels and start to tear it apart, they call Lamar Thorpe or some rapper!

  5. Aren’t almost 200,000 unnecessary deaths and loss of millions of jobs not enough to convince you that Trump is not fit to be President? What about all those books being published that describe in starkest terms his character? Are all those people lying? Trump even admitted in videos recorded by Bob Woodward that he intentionally downplayed the dangers of Coronavirus. I guess all you Trump lovers think all the lying that Trump dies is okay so long as the crazy left liberals are kept out of White House. All you crazy Whities worried about tectonic shifts happening in USA better watch out. If Trump comes back, USA is done with. Trump only cares about himself and no one else.

      • And everything good is Trumps success? Oh wait, nothing has been good since he’s been President. Nevermind. You can sit down now!

        • Cristina, I never said anything about Trump’s success…Why are you jumping to conclusions?

    • Before you start to criticize Trump for not moving fast enough on the CHINESE VIRUS pandemic, remember what was going on in February, when IDIOT DEMON-RATS were going through this ridiculous “impeachment” which went nowhere. Trump had the right to defend himself from the DEMONS (aka, Democrats) … but he did manage to stop the Chinese hoard from flying in here to continue spreading the pestilence

    • Sorry to inform you HK that a man who is selfish and in politics to enrich himself is easily convicted and sentence for mistakes made along the way to the riches. He had to face accusations his entire Presidency but nothing came of it (impeach in house a sham) because the man is either too stupid to get rich in office or too innocent of all the accusations.

    • HK, that is classical projection what liberals are doing a lot lately, accusing the other side of their own wrongdoings. “Trump only cares about himself and no one else.” That is exactly what most of Washington is, in particular Biden and Kamala. They did their entire lives nothing but for their own benefit. Trump on the other hand is a true patriot and wants the best for out country. Look up some old videos of him. 30 years ago he was already saying the same thing he does today, that America is being sold out and we need to put her first. He is a man of conviction.

    • Hey HK, I mean Biggot. I mean racist.

      Yup you are a racist. You argue and fight against “whities”.

      You are a hypocrite. Typical liberal. It is people like you we should be running our of this country.

      • I’m a “Whitie” and damned proud of it. I would not want to be anything else. “Whities” rule!

    • Hey HK! Woodward had that information and month months ago! Why does he come up with it now? Ever wonder? Does the captain on a commercial flight that runs into trouble yells, “WE’RE GONNA CRASH!!” No! He and his crew first work to correct the problem. They don’t alarm the passengers!

    • You’re concerned about the virus and all the deaths? Our economy? Maybe you should fly over to Bejing (CHINA) and have a talk with some of their military leaders. Be sure to ask them why they weaponized the virus in their military labs and then let it loose on the rest of the world! Deal?

      You can also help stop them by not buying the crap produced in China! That would be a good start.

  6. Shgoofa can go back to her hole in Richmond, stop bringing this garbage here. As for Lamar Thorpe I am not surprised by this. He plays the racial card for his political benefit only, HE DOES NOT CARE FOR THE PEOPLE OF ANTIOCH, black, hispanic, white, no one but himself period. Vote him out. We need diversity and true leaders in this city.

  7. What city does Mr Thorpe really live in? I was told Sacramento. His wife tossed him out months ago.

  8. There is no place for Trump (bye-Don) and his supporters are a bunch of dumb a**e**!!! Biden 2020😁

    • Biden is suffering from early onset DEMENTIA. He is taking the drug NAMENDA to slow it down, but the drug is not working. One of the side affects is incontinence. Watch him try to give a speech, poor fella! Most of the time he’s in a daze and foggy and then perks up a bit and some alertness is visible, but then falls back into the fog again so something is amiss.

      • I noticed that with Biden on more than one occasion as well. He still rides a bike. I figure Soros will really be President if Biden is elected.

    • Hey Don! You’re the Con! You libs will be shitting little green apples when Trump gets reelected. Some will be jumping out of the windows of tall buildings and splattering onto the sidewalks. So, we will have to watch where we are walking.

  9. There was some sort of event in a park on A Street. Seems the theme was to “Dismantle White Supremacy.” Now, exactly how does one do that? How does one “dismantle” an idea?

  10. I am so impressed with President Trump. People really need to stop listening to CNN and take a look at what President Trump has done for us. I do not believe he is a racist he is an advocate for Americans and he puts Americans first which is what a president is supposed to do.

    • Refreshing to see an intelligent comment from a Californian. I’ve lived here all my life and this state is in trouble if we continue on the far left path.

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