Antioch: Homeless Start Vegetation Fire Behind Station 83

Photo by Art Ray

At 6:50 pm Monday, Firefighters from Contra Costa County Fire Station 83 located in the 2700 block of Gentrytown in the City of Antioch responded to a fire started by homeless behind their station.

Firefighters were cooking when they heard crackling out behind their station and upon investigation, saw smoke and flames coming from the top of trees by a nearby homeless encampment.

According to the fire department, a female told firefighters she started the fire. Station 83 stated homeless are known in the area and are in the canal area daily.

The fire was limited to a 100×100 fire and crews were on the incident for just over an hour.


  1. A woman said she started the fire? What did they do next? Was she arrested and taken away by the PD?

  2. LOL! NOT very smart to set fire behind a fire station any time-of-the-day! Now, we have to worry even more about arsonists.

  3. Yet again another fire started @ a homeless encampment that the city continues to ignore. This is getting so ridiculous yet the city thinks giving more tax payer handouts to these vagrants is the solution.

  4. There is a lot of open space in the Central Valley where an entire city can be established for these people and they can all be moved there. Build a high wall around the property and put up a lot of mobile homes for them to live in. Set up grocery store where they could shop. Put them on welfare.

  5. These fires are depressing and a drain on resources, not to mention dangerous. More action needs to be taken to get rid of these destructive transients. Sick of it all. I hope Trump cleans up California. Not a fan but at least he is figuring something out. Better they get Federal assistance and housing and forced off the street. Better the financial burden off each City in my opinion. Seriously tired of it all. These are not families. You should see what crawled out of the bushes last night on Leland. The walking dead, literally. California isn’t doing jack. A few tuff sheds for an”t quite get a grip on this huge problem. This will get Trump reelected if he is successful.

  6. Other cities have driven these vagrants to Antioch and Pittsburg. These people should be returned there or to the states they came from. Many were sent him because their own states didn’t want them. Why does this now have to be OUR problem? Disperse them to every city in the bay area and beyond. How about Santa Barbara or the Montecito part of that city……… next door to Oprah’s and Ellen’s property. Let’s see how long that will last!

    • Yes! More and more people are dropped off in this area. Seems like east county is a dumping ground for the vagrants, dopers, nut cases! This has to stop!

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