Antioch: Firefighters Battle House Fire on Rossi Ave


At 8:30 pm Thursday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters were dispatched to a report of a house fire in the 20 block of Rossi Ave in the City of Antioch.

It was reported by a neighbor that the garage next to them was engulfed in flames.

Engine 82 arrived on scene and made fire attack into the garage. As additional units arrived, firefighters took to the roof and made interior attack knocking down the fire.

It was reported that prior to firefighters arriving, a male was seen running from the home. Crews were on scene for 2-hours and 21-minutes. No injuries were reported and the home appeared to be vacant.

Earlier in the day, at 5:59 am, firefighters battled a house fire around the corner on D St and Drake. Video from that incident.


  1. Hope they catch this cowardly arsonist soon and burn his fingers of with a cutting torch one by one.

  2. I own a number of properties on that street and always make sure they are in good shape with fresh paint and nice lawns and plants, but this particular house always has shit in the front yard. I think some bums have taken over the property and have made it look like crap! You see their junk cars parked in front and someone always bringing thing in and out of the house and loading up their junk cars and front yard. Makes the entire block look blighted.

  3. The City needs to get after these people. Things are getting worse and worse. Blighted areas attract some very unsavory people.

    • Lots of luck on that one. All the city council people do is sit on their asses and do nothing. We should abolish the city council entirely. They are useless.

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