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Antioch: Fire Leads to Discovery of Marijuana Grow House

by ECT

At 7:02 pm Friday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters were dispatched to a report of a residential structure fire at 1959 Deodar Ave in the City of Antioch.

Upon arrival Engine 81 reported they had smoke showing from the roof of a single story residence and that this fire was in a marijuana grow house.  Firefighters began to work the structure fire which resulted in significant fire, water and smoke damage.

The fire was ultimately contained to the home of origin and nearby structures were protected.

According to Battalion Chief Bob Atlas, the investigation concluded the fire originated in the wall area where an illegal power tap was created.  During this incident, Engine 9 (Pacheco) and Engine 87 (Pittsburg) covered Antioch.

There was one minor Firefighter injury and no injuries to civilians.

Editors Note: this was the second grow house to catch fire this week.

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Julio Oct 7, 2017 - 9:27 am

Jackpot! Two in a week.

Bashful Oct 7, 2017 - 11:31 am

Na bro

Lola Saavedra Oct 7, 2017 - 7:26 pm

Now, I know why I kept seeing more and more emergency vehicles heading up “A” Street and turning into a street opposite LUCKY’S ….. They were heading for the pot house! I could also smell a lot of smoke as I passed by. Two in a week? What else!

Lola Saavedra Oct 7, 2017 - 9:27 pm

As I drove up A Street towards the freeway, I kept seeing more and more emergency vehicles turning onto a street close to LUCKY’s. I could smell smoke and wondered how large the fire must have been considering how many vehicles were heading there. Two in one week, indeed! Scary!

Virginia spicer Oct 9, 2017 - 9:04 pm

I’m so glad I don’t live in antioch anymore it has turned out to be dangerous city the worst place to live in hate antioch

Dmitri Oct 11, 2017 - 12:30 am

You must’ve received your education here then. They’re called periods and commas lady, use them.

Sarah J Oct 9, 2017 - 11:01 pm

Who got arrested?!

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