Antioch CPA Offers Free Tax Return Service to Federal Workers Impacted by Shutdown


On Thursday, Richard Kaiser of Temen, Kaiser & Cameron, CPAs LLP in Antioch announced he will be assisting workers furloughed during the Government shutdown by preparing their 2018 tax return for no charge.

Kaiser said the federal employee who is furloughed will need to be a resident of Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley or Pittsburg to qualify for services at no charge.

“It is the right thing to do given the situation. People have no income. If I can save them $200-300 by doing their tax return, I want to give back the best way I know now,” said Kaiser.

On January 7, the IRS announced that despite the government shutdown, that it will process tax returns beginning January 28, 2019 and provide refunds to taxpayers as scheduled.

The IRS will be recalling a significant portion of its workforce, currently furloughed as part of the government shutdown, to work. Additional details for the IRS filing season will be included in an updated FY2019 Lapsed Appropriations Contingency Plan to be released publicly in the coming days.

The filing deadline to submit 2018 tax returns is Monday, April 15, 2019 for most taxpayers. Because of the Patriots’ Day holiday on April 15 in Maine and Massachusetts and the Emancipation Day holiday on April 16 in the District of Columbia, taxpayers who live in Maine or Massachusetts have until April 17, 2019 to file their returns.

To arrange an appointment, call his office at (925) 757-2661. He is located at 2730 Lone Tree Way, Suite #4 in the City of Antioch.


  1. He should be doing my taxes for free because I’m too busy all day calling my senator and congressman to build the wall!!!!!!

  2. What a great gesture by this firm. It’s good to see so many people doing what they can to help out.
    The last thing I’d have a stomach for, if I were a furloughed Federal employee, is having to pony up a few hundred dollars so I can figure out how much money I might need to send to the folks who are holding my paycheck from me.

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