Antioch City Council Recognizes June as LGBTQ Pride Month and Agrees to Fly Rainbow Flag


On Tuesday night, the Antioch City Council voted unanimously to recognize June as LGBTQ Pride Month in the City of Antioch and agreed to fly the rainbow pride flag at city Hall for the remainder or the month.

Prior to voting on whether or not to raise the flag, the council heard from about 45-minutes of public comments that ranged both in support and against raising the rainbow flag.

Mayor Pro Tem Joy Motts thanked the city attorney for crafting a resolution that expresses the difference between government speech and First Amendment Speech and proceeded to read the resolution:

This resolution does not open the door to any organization, secular or not that wishes to promote it’s cause to the contrary. It allows council to consider request of support such as a display of the flag that support historic civil rights movements that strive for equal rights and equal protection under the laws of our country.

She then stated her support.

“I believe that in our democracy it is incumbent upon government and all of us to fight for dignity and equity for all, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized better among us, if not government, than who, I support the resolution,” said Motts.

Councilmember Lamar Thorpe also supported the resolution highlighting how his mother was gay.

“Some of the comments that I heard, he hurt me to my core. When I hear people talk about people who we persecuted, who the mom, who I didn’t get to live with, because of her identity and who she was, and living in absolute shame.  So from my vantage point, this government, our government that was once reminded, constituent once said to me, it’s so good that Antioch is finally catching up to it’s public because the public has been there on many issues in this government have lagged behind,” said Thorpe.

Thorpe then made the motion to support the resolution which was seconded by Monica Wilson.

Councilmember Lori Ogorchock stated that religion cannot come into her position and this topic comes down to what is fair within the city. She admitted she was leaning in going one direction, but after doing her homework she found that the American flag goes first and there are other flags that go below.

“It doesn’t say which flags can go, which flags cannot go,” stated Ogorchock. “It does have rules and regulations of what’s to be flown. I mean the sizes of the flags, the American flag has to be the largest of the flags. Any flag below it cannot be the size of the American flag.”

She continued by highlighting this topic has been hard because opinions have been “diverse” and torn between two sides and she had to look at this for the city as a whole, not just her as a person.

“With that, I have to be in agreement,” stated Ogorchock.

Councilmember Monica Wilson thanked the community for sharing their opinions tonight because that was what it was like to live in a Democracy.  She also highlighted how Antioch is an inclusive town.

“I feel that we are now at a point where we are very inclusive. I do see the flag as being very inclusive. I support this resolution. I’ve supported this resolution. I think like council member Thorpe has said any off, we’re catching up, we’re catching up, we’re showing that we’re showing people throughout California and throughout our nation that, that we are inclusive,” said Wilson.

She also highlighted that other groups can now come to the council and they can look at possibly hanging their own flag.

“We can make a decision if it’s going to be a group that’s going to be very inclusive and bring people together, not groups that spread hate, that will sit there and threaten people and shoot people because of their views, their color, their skin and the religion that they choose to participate in.” said Wilson.

At that point, Ogorchock suggested that a flag policy be put in place so there is no discrimination among who wants to raise the flag.

Mayor Sean Wright noted this item was something he had been thinking about for a year after it came to the council last year but could not fly the flag because they did not have a policy in place while noting his goal with the proclamation was to let his LGBTQ friends know that he loves and respects them,

“Then we move forward into, I wish, a policy and a true policy discussion about should we raise flags? Because what then has come is, is a real binary, if you raise the rainbow flag, you love and respect me, but if you choose not to, then you don’t love and respect me. That has become the true binary and I wish I could have a vote that says, I don’t think we should raise any flags. I don’t, I personally don’t think that should be the role of government. I don’t think we should be in that. We can disagree on that. But if I believe that that should, I wouldn’t want the binary on that to be that I then don’t love and respect,” explained Wright.

He continued.

“What’s before us tonight is not a policy on should we raise flags, any flag, because if that were that were the case. My vote would be no, but because I truly want to show that I love and respect, I truly do. My LGBTQ friends, I will be voting yes tonight,” said Wright. “But as we bring the policy back, should we raise flags? I would probably be voting no, because I don’t think that’s what we should be doing. But it’s not because of who you are. It’s because a policy decision. And in America, if we cannot get to the point where we can have policy discussions and disagree amiably where we respect one of the other’s beliefs, not because of who we are, but because we see things differently. We’ve got to get to that point as a nation where we can have dialogue and conversation and come to the point where even though we may disagree on a policy, we can still love and respect one another. So, understand tonight’s vote is to show you that the policy I do disagree with, but I want you to know that I love and respect you. And so I will be voting that way.”

The council voted 5-0.

Editors Note:
This item returned to the council because during their last meeting, the proclamation was not accompanied by a resolution for raising the flag. It needed to be separate and was an administrative oversight by the city attorney.


  1. Let the homophobic rants begin…

    PS. The rainbow flag is not level with the Confederate flag, or the Nazi flag, or ISIS flag, etc. Those are all anti-American, traitor flags of losers who lost against this country. If you truly believe in the values of the USA, like being tolerant of your fellow Americans, you should have no qualms with the rainbow flag.

    • Jeremy
      I see your point. But what about NRA , KKK , Abortion , and similar. Don’t these others have a right to fly flags on public property ? How about MIA flags, are they OK ? Everyone has rights, so where does it stop when it comes to public tax payer funded locations ? Please explain specifically.

      • How about a NAMBLA flag? This opens up the doors for just about anyone demanding that their “flag” be raised above city hall.

    • Oh yes it does, Jeremy! It opens up a CAN OF WORMS! You’ll see because if their interests are not represented via a flag flying from city hall, those people will SUE and they will win because a precedent has been established via this idiotic LGBTQ fiasco!

    • I am not tolerant of deviant lifestyles. Never have been and never will be. I don’t care how many flags they put out there!

    • Jeremy, obviously you were absent when US history was taught in school. If you had been there, or payed attention, you would have learned that there was nothing in the US Constitution prohibiting any state from seceding. Lincoln himself should have been aware of that. That amendment was inserted much later.

      If states were not permitted to secede, then why wasn’t Jefferson Davis arrested and tried after the Civil War? Care to tackle that one, Jeremy?

      • *Paid

        He was arrested but not tried, guess that’s good old white privilege right? He rode out his racist life in Mississippi where it’s fine to be an intolerant prick. You bringing him up is a disgrace to the American spirit. Remember, the real confederate flag is white for the surrendering losers.

        Go ahead and get your slack jawed fishing buddies and form your militia, pal. I’m sure you can start a revolution, LOL

        • Larry! Seems like you were either asleep when US history was taught in third grade or the third grade was your SENIOR YEAR!

          Jefferson Davis was temporarily arrested, but never tried, and then was released, lived in Canada, return to the US and became a very successful landowner and businessman. `He did not “ride out” his life in Mississippi .. He did spend some time in MISSOURI, but you didn’t know that!

    • Interesting how many judgmental, hate filled residents there seem to be in East County, or is it only this newspaper that brings out the worst in people? A big shout out to the City of Antioch and the Public School District for recognizing that people come in many shapes, colors and sexual preference, all which make for a better America. Bravo and well done.

  2. This city council is something else. They preach inclusion but city staff shuts out the entire community who try to be helpful. This is the least transparent the city has ever been but apparently they are the most inclusive. Monica Wilson is a walking contradiction as one on hand talking about inclusion for everyone but now apparently will only support flags she agrees with because she wont support flags of hate. Monica basically has just asked for a lawsuit because she will vote against any flag she doesn’t agree with. Fly one, fly all!!!!!! This is the stupidity of this council in flying a flag without policy in place.

    • I see what you are saying, but I would hope a city council has common sense to fly flags that spread hate. Agree that a flag policy is needed ASAP because it always comes down to reality. What is your reality may not be someone else’s reality.

      • Why is expressing strong aversion to the “acceptance” of a deviant lifestyle considered “hate?”

        • This “hate” this and “hate” that has really no meaning. It’s like “racist” — overdone and has long fizzled out. It’s just liberals, having too much time on their hands, coming up with words trying to elicit emotions, but that no longer has any relevance.

          I’ve heard people tell the lib, “Yes! I am a racist and there is not one damn thing you can do about it. And, I can hate as much as I want!”

    • Good ole Ms.Wilson…always looking for an upgraded position…but never will quit her day job.Apparently C.C.C. voters are alot smarter than your average professional voter in Antioch.Who knows… maybe she’ll be appointed to a County Commission.
      Lammar…lol…we all knew he was a mess,but hes like Goldie Wilson from Back to the Future,someday he’ll be Mayor. The rest are just garden variety real estate vultures and The clown Mayor on rollerskates pretty much sums up why Antioch is Antioch.

  3. The fact that it’s flown on the same pole as the US and State flag is repulsive. Nothing against what it stands for but it doesn’t deserve to be flown in that fashion. Put up a secondary pole, light it up etc. but do not EVER place it or any other flag for that matter on the same pole.

    • This is not a good thing if they removed the MIA-POW Flag and replaced it with the Rainbow flag. That would be very offensive to all the military families who are still waiting for their loved ones to be returned home.

    • I wonder if the city council will now approve a flag to be flown representing pedophiles?

    • Not just one but two deadly sins rolled into one flag, our city council caved in with a 5-0 vote in favor, try raising a traditional family here in Antioch with these odds, … Vote them all out come election time,

  4. A flag policy is definitely needed, and some would say this is a “hate flag.” There are gay men who hate women and gay women who hate men. There are gays who hate our “straight lifestyle” including my co-worker who refused to attend her brothers wedding. I assumed she didn’t get along with her brother, and she told me they’re “very close.” She can marry in CA, and she’s still bitter. The reality is gays don’t accept themselves.

  5. Hopefully kids have no idea what the flag means. They’re too young to deal with this BS. A flag policy is needed.

    • Nick,
      Seriously? They teach why that is to children at very early age. Instead of teaching about history, math, and english

    • WE have to get rid of ALL of them! They overstepped their boundaries! They have opened the floodgates now and the results will be very damaging.

  6. The statement, “this resolution does not open the door to any organization, secular or not that wishes to promote it’s cause” — Oh, yes it does, as we will see! This misguided council opened up a “Pandora’s Box” the likes of which they’ve not anticipated.

  7. Lamar Thorpe’s mother was gay? Was his mother a man? I thought homosexual women are called LESBIANS and the term “gay” applies to homosexual men.

    Considering that she got pregnant with him, she must not have been very “gay.”

  8. 5-0…wow and possibly the worst Mayor since I’ve lived in Antioch wanted to do this flag thing last year? Now do you understand why Antioch looks worse now even 10 years after the financial crisis.Selling out to your gay friends who live in other cities doesn’t help Antioch.And they certainly came like locusts and as far as City Gov was concerned ony 2, yes 2 members of the School Board had the moral fortitude to withstand the gay mafia.Voting is important people…

  9. Next will be Drag Queen story book time in kindergarten. Watch out people. They have opened up a can of worms. Also if only some schools fly the LGBT flag and others don’t, a label of a gay school will be put on the ones that do fly the LGBT flag. Sad day for America and the separation of public and private indentities.

    • Yesss! That Drag Queen’s appearance in the library in Brentwood! Worst wig I ever saw! Some kids were whispering, “this is really a man!” .. others whispered, “look what the cat dragged in”

  10. I think I’ll rally some friends and confront the city council demanding that they declare August to be a “STRAIGHT MONTH” with appropriate flag raised over city hall and also ALL schools to celebrate HETEROSEXUALITY!

    Remember, they started this mess and now it’s time to pay the piper!

    • judging from the editorial picture, that top stars and stripes flag is none to happy with that 5-0 vote,

  11. Councilwoman MONICA WILSON should be reminded that we do not live in a democracy. We live in a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC! Maybe she was absent from class when US History was taught. Democracy is nothing but MOB RULE!

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