Antioch City Council Approves Police Overhire to Add Six More Cops


On Tuesday, the Antioch City Council approved the overhire for the Antioch Police Department by up to six sworn officers above the current authorized allocated staffing level of 115 sworn officers.

According to the staff report, it is anticipated the salaries paid during this current fiscal year would come from existing salary saving from unfilled positions. Future years would have to be approved through budget appropriations.

The City of Antioch currently has 112 sworn police officers with one police trainee attending a local police academy and slated to graduate on May 8, 2020. A conditional job offer was given to a police trainee applicant, who if successful, would begin the academy in April. There is also an open recruitment for a police lieutenant position. The last remaining conditional job offer is being held for the successful applicant of this process, which means, no further conditional job offers can be given at this time.

“As I stand here today, I have no more conditional job offers to give to anyone else in our process now,” said Police Chief Tammany Brooks. “That was the good news. The bad news is as I look ahead in the future, I know that we as a police department have anywhere between three and six people separating from employment due to medical service retirements within the next 12 months.”

Brooks said between 2014-2019, they have had three to four separations each year that were unexpected and another 3-6 who are anticipated separations. Since Measure C was approved by voters in 2013, 82 officers have been hired, while 52 have separated which is a net gain of 30 police officers.

The typical turnaround time for candidates applying for a police officers or police trainee position to complete the hiring process is 3-6 months. Current police academies run another 6-months. Currently, a best-case scenario to fill a vacancy is 4-months and worst-case is close to 12-months.

Councilwoman Monica Wilson asked since there have been a couple times they have been asked to overhire, if they have a policy to allow the Chief to overhire to maintain the hire amount instead of always going before the council.

Chief Brooks said he was aware of both the City of Brentwood and City of Walnut Creek who have an overhire policy in an effort to maintain their authorized staffing levels.

City Manager Ron Bernal said the council can provide direction on a policy that would require the item to come back and ask for permission to maintain an overhire policy.

Councilmember Lamar Thorpe agreed saying it “should be a standard practice” and would also include code enforcement.

Mayor Sean Wright thanked Chief Brooks saying the police department have been doing a phenomenal job noting they are moving towards a 1-officer per 1,000 residents’ ratio.

“This is necessary, whatever number your trying to hire too. I have always said we’re not going to get to that number. Not because you don’t try but because of attrition, because of retirement,” explained Wright. “This is the only way that we actually get to the number that we’ve allotted to you. So thank you for coming with this request.

The goal to overhire allows the police department to hire officers to help limit or eliminate any lapse in police services to the community. This is a tool that allows the police department to offer conditional job offers and does not change the allocated staffing level.

The council then approved the authorization of hiring six additional officers through the overhire process in a 5-0 vote.


  1. Yeah, lets hire more cops that wait for the crime to happen and then report to the crime scene. I’ll stick with The Yankee Fist to stop the purp breaking into my home.

    • It’s that way in ALL CITIES – what the heck do you want, a cop on every corner? That’s stupid.

  2. If we had the police patrol my neighborhood, the fines would generate salaries for 10 more cops easily. The way the streets are laid out, there are several spots where the PD can park a cruiser — totally unseen by the speeders — and just crack down on them like nobody’s business. Reel them in like fish in a rain barrel! The speeders and reckless drives wouldn’t even know what hit them.

    • Nice thought Lola but I think they are a bit more concerned with crime than traffic control. I know I am.

      • Yeah! I guess it’s OK for people to be run down as those assholes practice to enter the Indy 500 on our streets! They would really rake in the money from fines to the point where they could hire many more cops. Those speeders are just asking for it. They’re there for the taking! With what the police could rake in on our street ALONE, could pay the salaries plus benefits for hundreds more cops!

        • I’ve seen a lot of very close calls of people being hit as there jerks drive at high speed on residential streets where the posted speed limit is 25 mph. They drive at 40+ mph or faster. Catching and ticketing them would really boost the PD’s revenue where they could hire many more officers.

  3. Expedite the hiring process. You have agencies that complete all stages in less than two months. Antioch for example will say- it takes time to vet candidates. Which is BS….the truth is most background investigators are paid by the hour and they take advantage of that for their own pockets. Practices like this only hurts the community and it is one of the bad practices in law enforcement. Enough!

  4. why hiring more polices officers if they don’t get nothing done my car broke down last week and a Antioch police officer aprouched me demanding me to move my car otherwise it will get towed instead of him asking me if I could help you out in any way good job apd another example my neighbor house was broken into and the apd took more than 3 hours to show up where are all this officers that they hiring?if it’s on a bad side of Antioch apd take there sweet time to show up why hired more pigs when they are not helping

    • Obviously, you ditched the classes in elementary school on the days the teacher taught PUNCTUATION!

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